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Winter Lawn Care For Landscaping in MI

Do you have landscaping that you need to protect over the winter months? The wind in the snow can take a toll on your lawn and your gardens in Michigan. Now is the time to prepare your lawn shrubs and trees for the winter arrives. For a healthy lawn in the spring, winter lawn care is the key now.

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Lawn Service

Lawn care is a must for homeowners and some don’t want to take on the chore of outdoor landscaping.

Look after your lawn in Michigan

It is best to look after your lawn in Michigan. First, cut your grass and remove any debris or leaves that are left over on your lawn. You may be tempted to leave the leaves or debris on your lawn over the winter but it will cause mold and fungal diseases on your lawn though out the winter.

You can get a Headstart in the spring by winterizing your lawn with a winterizing fertilizer. Right now is the perfect time for your lawn to absorb the morning dews Plus you are allowing your grass to withstand or have the stamina for the winter.

You want to wrap your shrubs and hedges this will help protect them during the winter of heavy snow and winds. Use a breathable material so that they don’t get smothered. Installing a temporary snow fence may be worthwhile so that you don’t get snow drifts. you will want to protect your landscaping from blowing snow in Michigan.

With colder weather food sources for deer, rabbits, and mice get scarce and maybe come an issue. If this becomes a risk for you in the area that you live may be investing in-deer netting or spraying so your landscaping doesn’t become food will be best.

Cover your shrubs and wrap them

You will also want to wrap the bottom of your trees so that they don’t become ruined by the wildlife in the nearby area you want to protect the bark of the trees or shrubs.

Taking care of your trees in Michigan for the Winter

Making sure that your trees are well watered this fall will ensure that the soil and the trees won’t dry out this winter and keep the roots strong. Prepare your trees by adding mulch to the base to help the soil temperature keep the soil moist and the roots from freezing.

The Michigan winter conditions can be tough on your landscaping which is why it’s beneficial to reach out to a local landscaper in Michigan or even a tree service to maintain your trees for the winter and you’re nearby area of Michigan.

Landscaping maintenance now can eliminate expenses to your property this coming spring like tree removal in Oakland County MI or dead grass spots this spring.

Also, pet waste removal can be beneficial all year long in areas of Bloomfield Hills, Clarkston, Lake Orion, Oxford, and Rochester Hills to help keep your lawn healthy.

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