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Lawn Care For Autumn in Michigan

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With the seasons changing so do the lawn care jobs. We have a few lawn care jobs you should be doing now.

You have probably enjoyed your lawn all summer long and now that we are into September when the weather is getting colder, it’s time to slow down the lawn traffic and prepare it for the cold months ahead. September is also the prime time for the disease to set in with your lawn. Reduce the foot traffic and start putting down treatments that are going to protect your lawn all winter long.

Lawn Care

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Pest Control

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Michigan lawn care

Depending on the weather your grass is going to continue to grow at a steady pace and as usual, you should cut the lawn at least once or twice a week as needed. When the weather starts to break you will see that your lawn will begin to slow down and you won’t have to cut it as often.

You want to maintain the desired height with your lawn so check your lawn every week and mow when your lawn needs it. September is a hard month to judge with the weather changing all the time. You probably won’t be able to have a grass-cutting routine but try and stay consistent.

You need to satisfy that thatch

Doing this manually is the best way to take care of the need. You want to rake and pull up any thatch that has been created on your lawn. Removing thatch once a year should be sufficient for most lawns in Michigan and should be done at the beginning of autumn.

If you have too much thatch you can be killing the grass of oxygen, water, and nutrients from getting into the soil.

Do some aeration for your lawn

If you have had a lot of foot traffic on your lawn over the summer you will find that your soil is probably compacted. When this is the case the oxygen your lawn needs won’t get to the bacteria and the fungi that rely on the lawn staying healthy. In a nutshell, you want to spike your lawn to make holes so the oxygen can get below the surface.

After you spike your lawn you will want to water and feed it because your lawn will be under a lot of stress if you don’t.

Change up the feed you give your lawn

To get a good lawn in Michigan feeding your lawn is an all-year-round job. You can do it or you can have a lawn care service in Michigan do it for you. You will want to change up the feed you give your lawn with the changing of the seasons.

During the summer months, you want to feed your grass with nitrogen to make it look green and lushes or full. In the other months, you want to reduce this by feeding your lawn with high phosphorus and high potassium feed.

In doing this you help support root growth and help with the function of the plant and help reduce the growth of weeds.

Really taking care of your lawn is a full-time job to keep it healthy during the summer and winter and you want to keep it as green as possible during the summer and the winter you don’t want it to become full of diseases.

Take care of the dog poop too

Plus keeping dog poop off the lawn for weeks in Michigan will help your lawn stay green and not turn yellow.

You can get dog poop removal services in areas of Bloomfield Hills, Lake Orion, Clarkston, and Rochester Hills.

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