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Pet Waste Services and Pricing

Find out how much it’s going to be and what services we can offer you to help get rid of the poop in your yard. Get pet waste removal or other yard services now.

pet waste removal

Pet Waste Collection Near Me Now

If you have a busy schedule and can’t get to your dog poop or clean the poop in the backyard in general we are here to help.

Pet Waste Collection in near me

We have a number of ways to serve your needs when it comes to picking up your dog poop or goose poop in Michigan. Weekly pickups are the most common for us but we do have a few customers that like a monthly cleanup. Weekly starts at $13 and goes up by the number of dogs you have.

Initial Dog Poop Pickup/Starts $45

For the first time pick up your yard. The price is subject to a weekly or monthly sign-up. If you want a one-time clean up starts at $75.

One Dog/Weekly $14

For one dog weekly pickup. If there are more than three weeks of poop in your yard you will be charged an initial pickup fee. Call us for more details if you have more than one dog 248-805-1860.

One Dog/Monthly $51

For one dog monthly pickup. If there is more than for weeks of dog poop in your yard you maybe be subject to an initial pickup charge. This also goes by the scooper’s discretion. Call us for more details if you have more than one dog 248-805-1860.

One Time Cleanup/Starts $75

We will come out one time to do a yard cleanup of dog poop or goose poop. You can also call 248-805-1860 for service.

Pet Waste Station/$15 Per Station

We can come out and maintenance your waste station weekly our price is per station. If we have to provide the waste bags the cost per station is $20.

Bucket Service/ Weekly $10

We can come out and pick up the buckets of dog poop or any poop you may have.

Expertly Trained Dog Poop Scoopers

We are trained and professional with all of our scooping jobs. Rain or snow may interrupt service to the next business day. Our scoopers don’t work holidays so your service falls on a holiday or the weekend of the holiday you will have service the next business day.

Keeping your property safe and accessible is always appreciated. We also encourage you to keep your dogs inside while we are doing service for our safety. Our technicians will text you when they are out to your property (upon request).

The service area that we have is around the Oakland County and the Macomb County areas which include Bloomfield Township, Clarkston, Harrison Township, and Oxford, and Madison Heights.

Things To Note

  1. Please note that rates are based on approx. 5,000 SQ FT areas
  2. Fees may apply for additional cleaning areas and the difficulty of the service area to be cleaned
  3. Rates can change without notice
  4. We will only clean areas of the yard when the poop is exposed in the winter (If the snow is melted at the time of service for the area of the yard we will clean it up). This also goes for other debris in the yard too.
  5. We will need 90 days’ notice of cancellations of pet waste collections if not you might be subject to a one-time cleaning price
  6. There is a small cost for any additional pets
  7. We will even come and pick up pet waste before your outdoor parties, or BBQs
  8. Call for bi-weekly pricing and schedules
  9. We are based in Michigan in areas of Macomb County and Oakland County
  10. Depending on weather conditions pet waste removal dates maybe move to the next business day
  11. The disposal method of dog poop is using the customers’ trash can

We also offer yard service in multiple areas of Michigan which allows for you to keep up on your yard such as cutting the grass or trimming trees in Michigan. To get ahold of a local landscaper near you just give us a call.

Looking for a Local Landscaper?

Rather you have grass to cut or trees that need to be trimmed we have the proper professionals to help take care of all your lawn care needs.

“When you need help with your pets waste you can call them and they will help deliver on cleaning up the yard.”


We can work together to cleanup your yard

Taking care of residential yards one by one. With the most talented yard clean up crews Michigan has to offer.