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Late Winter Lawn Care in Michigan

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In order to have a successful green lawn in the summer you need to have the proper preparation in the winter.

Clean up your lawn in Michigan

Cleaning up your yard is a top priority you need to start by clearing your lawn of the leaves you have and cleaning up the dead grass you have. Even doing dog poop removal can help keep your lawn healthy in Michigan.

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Inspect your lawn in Michigan

Inspecting your lawn in Michigan for any bare or brown areas makes sure all your minor lawn equipment is working if not you want to have them all routinely maintained. If you have a lawn care professional in Michigan they should have all this taken care of now.

Winter lawn care MI

Look for bare spots

Don’t forget to reseed winter may bring bare spots which are created by grass and weed that are competing for space. A Michigan lawn care professional can also work on reseeding your grass in the summer so this doesn’t happen.

Mow your grass

You need to mow your grass as it gets colder in Michigan this could be bad and or good if the grass isn’t growing don’t cut it. It has to be at least 50 degrees to cut the grass. Keep your grass at about 2.5 inches. Your lawn care professional will know when to cut your lawn and how short you’re going to want it for the best growth in the summer.

Feed your lawn in Michigan

Use fertilizer to feed your lawn so it goes green and lush. To get the correct fertilizer you could do a soil test. Your local hardware store should have soil tests or you can talk with your lawn care service in Michigan they should be able to tell you what will work best.

Prune your trees and shrubs

Prune your trees and bushes it’s essential for growth. Pruning should be done after blooming and your lawn care service can prune the shrubs and trees. They should know best what your tree will need.

You should have a lawn care service near you in Michigan to help you with lawn care all year long.

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