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Tips For Green Grass Fast

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Want green grass faster? We have some quick tips that will get you close to greener grass. You don’t want the front or backyard to look lack luster for when you have guests coming over do you? Getting your yard ready doesn’t have to be months of extensive work.

Lawn Care

Need help with taking care of your lawn and other outdoor projects that deal with your yard?

Pest Control

Do you have pests invading or making their yard their home? Get the pest control service you need now.

Apply an iron supplement to your grass

You can apply an iron supplement to achieve deep green grass. Typically you can spray an iron supplement on to your grass. You will get at least a month of green grass but in cooler weather or dry weather it could last longer. Through you will want to follow the directions on the product you decide to use. Spraying iron on walk ways or driveways can cause staining so be careful on how you apply it to your grass.

Water your grass when possible

Watering your grass is important because you are allowing the grass root to grow deeper and therefore the grass can grow thick and green. Set a water schedule even if your neglecting your lawn getting back on schedule with watering can give you green grass fast. Its best to water up to three times per week. You want to water the grass in the morning so the lawn can soak it in especially in the warmer months. Let the water soak in about one inch into the ground.

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Over seed if you need too

Its okay to over seed if you want green grass your grass might look a little thin right now but you want to make your grass look fuller. You want want to over seed with a different type of grass but make sure it will work with your climate and soil type also don’t forget you want it to work well with the grass you already have.

Pet urine can cause your lawn to go brown quickly and the same goes for dog poop if you don’t pick it up. You should have a pet potty area for your yard. You may set up mulch or gravel for your pet to use for going potty. If you have a pet you can always look for pet waste removal weekly in your area of Michigan to minimize lawn damage. Another suggest we have is to grab the garden hose and water down the area where your pet pees to reduce brown or yellow spots.

Decide on a high nitrogen fertilizer nitrogen is the key to green grass. During the growing season make sure to add nitrogen once or twice to boost the growth of green grass. But when you use nitrogen on your grass be prepare to mow your lawn more frequently.

Take care of your weeds when possible

Weeds and grass compete for water and nutrients you want to pull your weeds by hand and as many as you can because weeds will kill your grass. You want your grass to absorb as much nutrients that it can before it dies. Another because of dying grass is pests because they can eat up blades of grass down to the root. So getting rid of pests can help. Once you see signs of lawn damage you need to call a lawn pest control service in Michigan to save your grass. The professionals will discuss the options you have for treatments.

Weather your fertilizing your grass for green growth or regularly mowing for lawn maintenance you want to mow your lawn two to four inches. If you let your grass grow slightly longer it allows for the roots to grow deeper making the grass more durable.

You should cut your grass with dull blades it might end up ripping the grass out. You want have a clean cut with dull blades. Rough edges on grass blades can make the grass turn brown quickly. We recommend you sharpen your mower blades once a year before growing season.

Paint your grass if you need too

When your really in a pinch you can paint your yard to give it that green color you want. But make sure you grab the right grass colorant its sold at most home improvement stores. Another thing to look at is making sure the grass colorant is safe for animals and children. You can make a homemade colorant with fertilizer and green food coloring.

If you need a lawn care service near you for weekly lawn maintenance we can help you as we have lawn care services in Macomb County or Oakland County Michigan. Don’t let your lawn die as we can take care of it for you.

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