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Three Helpful Lawn Care Tips For New Sod in Michigan

A new layer of side is a good way to bring your yard to life. It is a faster way, then seating and requiring some specific maintenance to route into the soil. However, with sticking to this plan, it will ensure that your newly sodded lawn in Michigan looks healthy all summer long Plan to use the following tips after the installation. New sod is part of Michigan yard care.

How to care for your new sod

Sod needs an abundance amount of water because the heat builds up in the sod. Plan to water your entire lawn for at least 20 minutes twice a day. This ensures that your lawn gets approximately 6 inches of water. Try to water in the morning and late afternoon when the sun is low to prevent it from drying out.

Wait to mow

You will need to let your sodded lawn develop a good root system, so hold off on mowing your lawn for at least three weeks if you install during the spring. If you apply them during the winter, don’t know until three weeks after your growing season begins.

Joel determine it is best to consult a lawn company for maintenance in Michigan. Also, remember when you do mow to set the blade to high so it leaves at least 1/3 of the grass blades. This will prevent any damage.

Michigan yard care

Know when to fertilize

First side needs nutrients to grow so plan to apply fertilizer at least one month after you install it look for a granular starter with an 18–20 4–12 blend of nutrients sprinkle this across your lawn in a light layer and then water thoroughly so grass roots can absorb the nutrients. 

Want new sod in Michigan 

If you want new sod for your yard this spring find a lawn care professional in Oakland County Michigan to assist you with laying the new grass or maintaining it. 

Want New Sod in Michigan?

If you need new sod or want someone to maintain your yard? Get ahold of us and we can do it for you.

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