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Spring Time Lawn Care Mistakes That Could Cause You Time and Money

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Taking care of your outdoor living space

Spring has finally arrived and with that being said, comes the outdoor living space, creativity, and upkeep for the season. Not to mention most homeowners have to figure out the lawn care tasks for quality lawn care. To get that green striped grass that you want all season long you have to give your lawn the proper attention it needs in the spring.

Homeowners can easily find themselves falling into the trap of forgetting important steps to take care of their lawn and this will take time out of your day plus money out of your bank.

Homeowners want a quick fix for getting their yard ready for the summer season. There is no one-size-fits-all for yard maintenance or even lawn maintenance. Which can turn into a lot of lawn care, mistakes, and unhealthy lawns. We want to help you so that you’re not taking three steps back in your lawn care adventures and you can properly take care of your yard.

Most homeowner to look at them on as a investment

Most American homeowners well actually about 36% of American homeowners look at the one at the top investment in the terms of time and money. Even though you love your lawn, that doesn’t mean that you won’t harm your lawn in the way of making an unhealthy for the season. Everybody tries her best to get the greenest long, but there are some common mistakes that you can easily avoid. Here are some springtime lawn care mistakes most homeowners want to avoid, but it’s hard and it turns into a mistake.

Lawn tips

The lawn care tips you need for the spring

  • Overwatering your lawn this can be a mistake because you could be harming. You’re wrong with overwatering it or not watering had enough. Excessive water to make your roots, suffocate and die. Plus, you can be spreading disease and attracting in sex or other rodents to your yard. Note that when you are watering your grass that a yard needs about an inch of water per week. You should keep an eye on your watering schedule. That also includes rain. Watering your grass in the morning is preferred because your yard will absorb the water at the most.
  • Improper fertilization fertilizing, your lawn is important and crucial to the growth of your grass. Using the wrong fertilizer, or even applying it at the wrong time can be detrimental to your lawn. When you are choosing your fertilizer, you should also know what kind of soil your yard has. This step will help you get the right fertilizer for your lawn the prime time to be fertilizing. Your yard is spring or fall. If you fertilize your lawn yourself, make sure that you follow the directions on the bag of fertilizer for the best rate and timing of the application.
  • Don’t beg all of your grass clippings believe it or not your grass clippings clippings can be beneficial for your lawn. Grass clippings actually have nutrients and nourishment for your soil. If you are looking to bag your grass clippings. You should look at investing in a mulch mower and leave the small grass clippings on the lawn. Doing this step can actually save you time and money on fertilization of your grass.
  • While it can be tempting to mow your grass short for maintenance time you are harming your grass. They’re short blades of grass cannot actually absorb the right amount of sunlight to help it grow. Which in the long run will weak in the root system and this will lead to unhealthy lawn. The taller, the grass, the better cause it will be able to withstand the heat, droughts, and even pests. If you maintain your mower, do you want to make sure that your blades stay sharp throughout the whole mowing season.
  • One mistake that homeowners most commonly do is overlook weed control. Proper weed prevention helps keep your lawn, healthy and strong. Weeds are actually not good for the long because it can deprive the healthy grass of the nutrients that it needs to stay strong and healthy. So if you want healthy lawn and no weeds for the season, make sure that you’re watering your grass fertilizing it and mowing it with the proper techniques. Also, with these practices you may want to apply a weed control supplement in the spring to help prevent weed growth. You will want to periodically keep an eye on your lawn for weed growth and pull the weeds by hand or use a weed control supplement for problematic areas.
Have the proper lawn care in place for the season

To get lush, green grass this season it could be in reach for you. By doing the things discussed above, you can keep your mind, strong, healthy and green, all season long with minimal hiccups. 

Proper lawn care can make your grass green and beautiful. So ultimately keep these tips in mind when you’re taking care of your grass this spring to have your lawn flourish. And it doesn’t hurt to always be able to reach out to a local lawn care service in your area that can be affordable for you.

Currently we have lawn care services in Florida and Michigan so you can get that beautiful looking lawn you want.

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