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Tips For Avoiding Bug Bites This Summer

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Bug bites or not just a nuisance they can cause discomfort, itchiness, and health risks for some. 

Mosquitoes that might carry Zika are going to be out in full force during the summer plus now you have to deal with the growing population of ticks.

We have suggestions from walking on the beach to and in the woods. How to keep the bugs away from you at those beach barbecues.

Take care of those backyard bugs

Beat the backyard bugs by eliminating standing water this will prevent mosquitoes from using your backyard as a breeding ground in the areas that you eat or entertain. Also keep your lawn and weeds in check to prevent ticks.

bug spray

Be careful when you are going on walks

Take safer walks. No matter if you’re walking in the woods or taking a hike or even walking your dog it is important to be mindful of ticks. If you can, do not go into tall brush, or even tall grass that is where ticks can reside. Also launder your outdoor gear for a while after you use it. You will want to take a shower as soon as you get home and make sure that you take your dog to. Do you want to remove the tick with tweezers, do not twist or squeeze the tick.

Protect your skin

Protect your skin before you go outside, the best protection would be to spray your self with bug spray to protect yourself against mosquitoes and ticks.

Camp outside smart

Are you want to camp smart. Before you depart for camping, you want to check your tent for small holes or any damage. You may want to replace or repair any damage at UC to your tent. Select the campsite away from standing water and zip up your tent when it is not in use. this can help prevent bugs from entering your tent and keep you safe for your next trip.

Don’t let bugs bother you this summer

Don’t let the bugs bug you this summer. From evenings on the patio to de sporting events. Just the simple tricks can ensure your comfort and protection from these pesky pests. if you are dealing with backyard pests, you can also reach out to a local pest control service near you in Michigan. This tips can even help with backyard pest control in Florida too.

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