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Pests You Need To Protect Your Yard From This Summer

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It’s never a bad time to start cleaning up your yard in Oakland County Michigan or protecting it against different elements especially if you have a summer garden.

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To Help With Yard Pests

Do you have pests in your yard? Such as Mosquitos or raccoons? Let us help you take care of them for the summer so you can enjoy the outdoors.

As we head into summer in Michigan taking care of your yard is going to be on your forever to-do list. Certain pests in Michigan are going to be common invaders of your property. Such as rodents and cockroaches and they can carry diseases that aren’t good for humans. Termites are another pest homeowners need to look out for in Michigan as they can cause major damages to your property that down the road is going to be costly.

How to protect your yard in Michigan

Here are some expert tips you can follow to help protect your home from pests that may bother you or your lawn during the summer in Michigan.

  1. Prevent termites by installing downspouts and allowing a way to run away from your home’s foundation. Eliminate mulch or wood from the exterior of your home if you can.
  2. Remove moisture around your property and you will get rid of mosquitoes.
  3. Prevent flies by removing garbage on a weekly basis. You can also prevent them from removing pet waste from your yard in Michigan too. We have pet waste removal services in Clarkston Michigan, Lake Orion Michigan, and Oxford Michigan to help with that. Removing garbage in a sealed garbage bag will deter pests from coming into your house also.
  4. Seal off entrance points for rodents to enter your home. You have to use the correct sealants but they can help protect your home this summer.
  5. To help stop cockroaches you should avoid letting dishes pile up and take care of them daily. Keep your counters free of food and wipe them down three times a day if you have to.
  6. Keep a lookout for ticks if you have pets they are commonplace now so if you are outside check yourself before you go to bed. We all have to do our best to protect our property.
  7. To help with taking care of ticks you want to keep your grass cut low so they don’t hide in the greenery. Use gravel or woodchips to create barriers around your property. Build fencing around your property to keep raccoons or deer out of your property as they can carry ticks into your yard.

Professional yard maintenance in Michigan

These yard maintenance tips should help you pinpoint what needs to be done to protect your yard all summer long this year and if you need professional help like a landscaper in Michigan or pest control services in Michigan it’s worth the call to secure your property.

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