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Winter Lawn Care Mistakes To Avoid in Michigan

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Lawn care is a must for homeowners and some don’t want to take on the chore of outdoor landscaping.

In some parts of the country lawn care is an all-year-round task but Michigan has to let its grass sit dormant for the winter. But there are fall projects you will need to make sure you do to have that green lush grass in the spring. Winter lawn care is important in Michigan for residents.

You need to help your lawn in Michigan stay healthy. Here are a few mistakes you want to try and avoid this fall for your Michigan lawn care.

Fertilizing your lawn in Michigan

You don’t want to wait to fertilize yes, winter is coming upon us but don’t take the break just yet without fertilizing your lawn. Apply your fall lawn fertilizer two to three weeks before the ground freezes. Mid-October is a good time to apply that fertilizer so you give your grass some nutrition before the harsh weather. You hire a Michigan lawn care service that specializes in fertilizing lawns.

Yard clean-ups this fall

You don’t want to leave messy clean-ups for spring this could mean any leaves you have or if you have lawn furniture, semi-permanent structures in your yard, children’s toys, or any outdoor lawn tools that have been left outside like tree trimming tools or hoses. If you leave anything sitting on your lawn over the winter it can leave dead spots on the grass that will have to be tended to in the spring so clear off your grass as best as possible.

If you have any pets like large or small dogs you may want to have a fall dog poop pick-up service near you come out and clean up your yard weekly or bi-weekly until the ground freezes. There are dog poop pick-up services in the Bloomfield Hills area, Brandon Township, Clarkston, Lake Orion, Orion Township, Shelby Township, Chesterfield Township, and New Baltimore MI areas. Dog poop if it sits too long on the grass can create dead spots in the yard also. So weekly dog poop picks ups are best.

Mulching your leaves this fall

Not taking care of your leaves can hurt your yard. Ideally mulching the last of your leaves after raking or clearing them off your lawn will give your grass some nutrients. When you’re cutting your grass this fall make sure you mulch your leaves. Mulching leaves helps the soil which will help your lawn condition and overall growth. If you leave leaves on the lawn the lawn gets dark and you may see patchy lawn spots come spring.

Walking on the snow in your yard

Walking on your lawn when there is snow could be hurting your lawn. The best thing to do when there is snow on the lawn is to let your dogs and kids run all over the lawn don’t just stay on one path. Walking on your grass too much during the winter creates compaction which as causes your grass to struggle all year long or just in the spring. Walking on lawn care can cause snow mold or fungal diseases to develop. Even with frosts, you don’t want to have heavy traffic on the lawn because you can cause the grass plants to break and slow the growth and recovery of your spring lawn in Michigan.

Connect with a local lawn care specialist in Michigan

A Michigan area lawn care specialist can help you take care of your lawn for the fall and winter months and don’t forget about clearing off your lawn of any tools or pet waste this fall.

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