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Why Your Lawn Maybe Lumpy

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A lumpy lawn is an eyesore. And if you’re noticing lumps it may be health-related to your lawn. A lawn that is lumpy is harder to mow and overall is just not a very nice relaxing area to have. With the proper lawn care, you can take care of lumpy lawn spots.

Pet Waste

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Yard Clean Up

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There are multiple reasons why your lawn could be lumpy in Michigan

Lawn care in Michigan

Your lawn could be lumpy for a number of reasons but a lumpy lawn can be fixed.

Walking or even mowing your lawn when it’s lumpy can be very difficult. If you have lumpy long you may even find it difficult to sit on it.

Clean up your pet waste in your yard

One of the reasons you could have a lumpy long is the foot traffic in that specific area of your lawn. Or if you’ve had any backyard work heavy equipment or trucks in your yard you could be dealing with a lumpy lawn. You could even have a lumpy lawn from pet waste sitting too long it would be best to have a weekly pet waste removal service nearby in Michigan.

There are many areas that offer pet waste removal in Michigan. You can get pet waste removal in Lake Orion, Clarkston, Bloomfield Hills, or Brandon Township.

Lumpy long is the doing of soil compaction that’s the simplest explanation of having a lumpy lawn.

You can even get a lumpy lawn from improper mowing but no worries the good news is that you can fix or level your lawn within the weekend.

Don’t leave your toys or tools out in your yard

Your lawn can be old which could be one reason for a lumpy lawn. If you leave toys or tools out for the winter you can have issues with the lawn. There are a lot of things that can get buried in your lawn like tree roots, twigs, and pine cones.

If your lawn is wet and soggy you should not mow it you should not put any kind of pressure on a wet lawn. You can end up with an uneven lawn. When you have a wet season like spring you should avoid traffic on your lawn.

Use different methods or styles of mowing

Another way to make sure that you are avoiding lumps in your long does possibly to change up the method of mowing. You should try and change up the ways you mow like the lines you make. The pressure of the wheels on the mower and the foot traffic can over time create issues.

Tree removal for your yard

If you have tree removal done in Michigan it is beneficial to have the stump grounded too don’t leave it flush with the grass your just waiting for problems. This is a good way to get lumps in your yard. Any word underground over time will rot and make your grass uneven. this could be a safety hazard for your backyard.

Don’t have any heavy equipment in your yard

You don’t want any lawn equipment or trucks of any kind sitting in your backyard for a long period of time this will put pressure on your grass. You may get low spots on your lawn over time.

Use top dressing on your long

The best way to help your lawn if you have low spots in your yard is to apply a top dressing to areas of your yard. You want to make sure you’re aware of grading and make sure all the water is draining away from your house.

Process of fixing lumpy lawn

This process should be done until you are satisfied and your yard is level also keep an eye on very low spots because you will want to recede possibly those areas.

Higher local lawn care service in Michigan

If you notice any low spots or depressed areas of your yard you can always hire a lawn care service in your area of Michigan to come out and leveled out your yard so it’s not lumpy next season.

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