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What Are The Biggest Things Your Neighbors Are Judging You For?

There are all kinds of reasons why your neighbors to get upset with you which can make things pretty uncomfortable in your neighborhood. Around 60% of homeowners have had some sort of beef with their neighbor in the past. Yard cleaning helps the value of your home.

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Common complaints from neighbors about your yard

Common complaints, spark, disagreements and they are usually about the homes exterior. Sometimes it’s about political signs that you put in your front yard or the sports teams that you root for. But the biggest thing that most neighbors judge you on is how messy your yard is. 

Some homeowners or neighbors have even offered to spend up to $400 to help their neighbors clean up the yards. A messy yard can actually hurt your neighbors property value to keeping a good curb appeal. Will keep your neighbors happy.

Are suggestions for keeping it clean yard in Michigan

We have a few suggestions to keep in mind when you’re disagreeing with your neighbor about how your front or backyard looks 

  • Keep up with your yard maintenance such as mowing the grass.
  • Clean up your yard like you do you’re home. This could mean cleaning up your dog poop in Michigan so your neighbors don’t step in it clue basis. You can also find a pet waste removal service near me with a simple, google search to help out with this task.
  • You can add some flair to your curb appeal by putting some potted plants on your front porch or even have a local landscaper in Michigan come out and give you an estimate for a good landscape design.
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Just a reminder

Just keep in mind that when you care about your curb appeal, it will show in your neighborhood and your neighbors will love you even more.

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