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Ways To Take Care Of Your Lawn in Michigan

Winter lawn care tips

Because most of the grass species will go dormant in the winter months, you may still perform specific lawn care tips to make it indoor the coldest days of the year. But before the first frost is expected in Detroit Michigan it is also recommended to aerate. One recommended trick is to use a rake to make holes in your lawn to plant seeds. For large yards. It is recommended for a professional to help you with this task.

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After you aerate your lawn, it is beneficial to fertilize it. Laying down fertilizer gives your grass the nutrients it needs for the long winter months. Follow your instructions on your fertilizer. This will also help prevent any pests weeds or diseases from moving in as it warms up. Note never fertilize your lawn when your soil is frozen. It is recommended to do it in the autumn months when the temperatures are still in the 50s.

Use rocksalt wisely 

Instead of applying road salt try to shovel more snow. If you must use rocksalt try to use less near your grassy areas. There are also other specific products to help control your ice and snow, such as cat litter or Scott’s ice melt, which is known to be four times more effective than road salt.

Rake your autumn leaves 

If you didn’t have time to get to your lawn to remove all of your leaves before the snow comes address the issue if there is a thought at some point. Rake every leaf in your yard and do not let them sit for too long at a time throughout your winter as it can kill off your turf. They can also grow mold, which leads to some lawn damage.

While your turf grass may not need a lot of maintenance in the winter it does, however, require maintenance in the spring summer and fall. He will not want to leave it unattended. Take care of it during the coldest months of the year will pay off for the year next season to come. 

Hire lawn professionals 
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Give your lawn the royal treatment by hiring, a professional pet waste removal company in Lake Orion Michigan. Also include your winter to do list by taking steps during the snowy season to help ensure that your lawn will be healthy and lush for the next spring and summer months to come. 

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