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Tips For Getting Your Lawn Green in the Hot Heat

Get help with your lawn this year in the summer heat. Call to schedule a lawn care contractor. 248-458-4974.

it’s finally getting warm again we looked into what that means for your lawn and tips that you can follow to get ready for the hot summer heat.

 After the last few months of snow and cold, many people are probably getting ready to get outside again. The energy could be well spent on maintaining your lawn as long as you know what to look for. 

Pet Waste

Need help picking up your dog’s poop before your mower guys get to your house next? We can help you with weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month dog waste clean-up around your yard.

Yard Clean Up

Is your yard not the way you want it to be? Want better curb appeal? We can connect you with local lawn services and landscapers that will spruce up your lawn all season long.

Check your sprinkler system in Michigan

A major factor that people often overlook is checking their sprinkler system in Michigan. One should ensure the sprinklers are unclogged and spraying in the correct direction. If you don’t have sprinklers, this can apply to any hoses that may be outside of the house.

Besides checking your sprinklers, it is also prevalent that you check your water volume as it could be a concern for your lawn.


Watering your lawn

watering is definitely an important yard procedure, but also mowing your lawn properly as well. We recommend anywhere from 3 to 4 inches in height, the higher, the better so that way the grass is more drought resistant the longer the grass lead the longer the root.

Clean up the debris and dog poop

After heavy snow here, some areas of your grass can die and will need to be receded. You can follow basic guidelines to help ensure your lawn stays in good shape. 

One thing we want to mention is cleaning up the yard of debris or even dog poop in the yard if you have any. You can hire a pooper scooper in Oxford, Clarkston, and Lake Orion today. Taking care of your dog poop in your yard can also help you avoid yellow and brown spots in your yard and even bugs in your yard.

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