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Three Tips For Leaf Cleaning in Michigan

The question is when is the ideal time for leaf collection in your yard? Some save it till fall and others avoid different days but here are some recommendations we have found useful for Michigan fall yard clean-up. These steps will clean up your yard and make it look improved in the spring also.

Pet Waste

For weekly or monthly dog waste or pet waste pick up to keep your yard lush and green.

Lawn Service

Lawn care is a must for homeowners and some don’t want to take on the chore of outdoor landscaping.

Three quick tips for cleaning leaves in your yard

  • You want to avoid the breezy days. This tip can be useful so you can make large piles of leaves and make bagging them easier and less frustrating. Leaves are light so the wind can catch them and make you burn more energy so not only should you check the weather for rain but also look at the wind report on days you want to clean up the yard.
  • Laying out a tarp can be useful if you want to move the leaf piles around the yard. You can also use an old shower curtain if need be. Just blow the leaves onto the tarp and you can move them wherever you need them to go and you can drag the tarp around with rope then after you are done create a bag with the tarp and toss it.
  • You can shred the leaves with the lawn mower it kills two birds with one stone because you’re cleaning up your yard and you running the lawn mower to empty the gas for the winter. Plus shredded leaves take up less room in the leaf bags. Mulched leaves can be nutrients for your lawn and plant beds. Just make sure you don’t gum up the lawn mower on wet leaves because they can cause your lawn mower to stall. But you can set your lawn mower to side discharge and slow down the mowing process. At the end of the mowing season remember to have your mower blades sharpened.

You can always hire a local yard service in Michigan

You can always hire a yard cleaning service to clean up your leaves in your yard or even your dog poop. There are dog poop pick-up services in areas of Bloomfield Hills, Clarkston, and Lake Orion to name a few areas. A little planning ahead with leaf cleaning can save you time and hassle.

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