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Tackling Outdoor Projects For Summer

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When you think of summer you probably just think of deep cleaning your indoor spaces in Michigan. Your outdoor spaces might need some attention too. As the weather heats up it’s time to take stock of what you have for your yard and lawn equipment if you don’t you might want to look for a local lawn care service in your area of Oakland County or Macomb County Michigan. There can be a lot of summer projects on your list.

Tackle these outdoor cleanup projects now before you forget

  1. You will want to check your lawnmower. You’ll want to give it a once-over check the oil, sharpen the blades, and don’t ruin it with old gas. Get that fresh fuel. If your lawnmower is old you might want to think about replacing it. You can check online for the best value for riding or push mower. You want a lawnmower that’s going to be durable for you and will be easy to upkeep.
  1. Work on the patio that might be where you spend a lot of your summertime with friends and family or heck drinking some cold ones. With harsh winters you don’t know what kind of damage you may have with cracked stone or tile. It’s always good to make a list of outdoor repairs and prioritize them. You can look to renew your patio area with mulch, ground cover, or landscaping rocks, or replace patio pavers.
  1. Look at installing raised garden beds if you are looking to grow flowers or vegetables. Raised garden beds warm up faster meaning you can grow for longer. You can decide what kind of garden beds you want for seasonal growing.
  1. The last one is to organize your garage it might need some TLC. This is the time to clear out any trash or clutter you may have. Sweep the dirt and dust out of your garage you even want to power wash your garage floor in Oakland County Michigan. Check your garage for any leaks or water damage. Consider installing storage in your garage to free up space.

Cleaning outdoor spaces now

By cleaning out your outdoor spaces you are now set up for success if you want to tackle any outdoor projects or landscaping projects. Don’t forget to give your yard the once over for brown spots, weeds, or dog poop. You can get pet waste removal services this year in Clarkston and Oxford Michigan at a fair price.

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