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Seven Eco-Friendly Lawn Tips You Should Try in Michigan

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we know that lawn care can be extremely hard for some, but we have a few lawn care tips that might make it easier for you to take care of your green lawn this year. So without further ado, let’s jump in.

Lawn care tips you can try

  • Only mow your lawn when necessary. When it comes to mowing, make sure that your plate or sharpened and only mow your grass when needed. Your grass may go dormant as it warms up and not need to be mowed is much. it may also be ideal to mow in the cooler time of the day. Later in the day might work best.
  • Be smart about watering your grass. When it comes to Eco friendly lawn care, you need to do specific tasks at certain times. You should water your grass early in the morning before 9 AM. To start, you should be giving your lawn about 1 inch of water a week. This can also change depending on rainfall.
  • Use natural fertilizer, meaning use compost. Compost is literally the natural way to go. Compost is a natural soil enhancer. it’s truly going to give your soil and grass the nutrients that it needs.
  • Don’t fear of bugs some bugs can be beneficial to you lawn. Only about 2% of insects are bad for your grass and are considered pests. They can actually lure beneficial insects and birds into your landscape. but if you have a pest problem, you can get a pest control service in your local area of Michigan.
  • do not rake up your grass clippings. It’s actually best to leave your grass clippings behind. It because grass clippings are a good nutrients source for your lawn. The nutrients seats down into your lawn and actually access the natural fertilizer. But remember not to let your grass grow to long. Longer grass will take longer to break down, therefore could choke out your grass from growing underneath.
  • Know your soil, having your soil tested will help know your soil’s pH level. Also, knowing your soil will help you know what kind of seed to put down on your grass and also know how to deal with the weeds that you get. With your lawn are a sign of soil condition.
  • Try using an electric lawnmower or battery operated. If you are serious about organic lawn care in Michigan consider replacing your gas, powered lawnmower, or Weedwhacker. Gas powered equipment can contaminate your soil and consumes fuel.

These tips can help you become an organic green thumb when it comes to your lawn in Michigan. It can also help you save time to have a lawn maintenance service help you with keeping your lawn looking great.

lawn maintenance service

If you’re in need of pet waste removal

We would also like to mention that before you do any kind of lawn care you should clean up your pet waste or any debris in your yard so that you’re taking extra precautions to your lawn equipment. You could also hire a pet waste removal service in the areas of Shelby Township, Lake Orion, Clarkston, Madison Heights, Oxford, and Bloomfield Hills.

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