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Preventing Yardwork Injuries

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Rather you’re taking on a new project outside or tidying up because you’re having a family visit or just want to keep up on regular yard maintenance in Michigan. Yardwork is a big part of our daily routine from now until the end of the warm season. So it’s important to keep your overall safety in your yard at the forefront of your mind.

Make sure that your tools are safe

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Safety starts with the tools that we use Sharpe tools and power equipment, like lawns, mowers, edgers, or tree clippers can cause serious injuries. 

There are some preventions for injuries and still, keep your yard looking great plus keep our bodies out of harm’s way.

First, you want to inspect your equipment and make sure that it is properly maintained and fueled up. Do you want to check for loose bolts or anything around the lawn that might break off even the Weedwhacker needs to be checked and the grass edger also needs to be checked. You don’t want anything flying off or breaking off while you’re using it.

Where is safety gear when doing outdoor work

You should always wear safety care when you’re working out in the yard. You can protect your eyes by wearing safety glasses. We recommend that you should get into the routine of wearing them even for low-risk yardwork. You never know what kind of flying debris you could be having to deal with and your outdoor work. Using earplugs also helps preserve your hearing.

Your clothing is also something to consider if you do not have a big effect close it should be close in tight to your body. You don’t want your clothes to get caught on branches of trees, or even the yard equipment that you are working with. Wearing long pants will protect your legs from cuts and scratches. Never wear sandals doing yard work. Always were durable shoes. And if you’re into wearing sunscreen, never wear anything lower than 30 SPF. 

Make sure that your equipment is fueled up before yard work

If you’re putting fuel into your lawnmower, engine, or any kind of engine, you want to do it before you turn the engine on you never want to put fuel into a burning hot engine because you could be close to having to deal with third-degree burns. You should always wait until the engine cools down to do any kind of maintenance on the engine.

Make sure that children are safe around lawn equipment

Never let children operate powerful equipment such as lawnmowers or chainsaws. Kids seem to always be eager to help, but it is for their safety. Make sure that they don’t work with equipment that is age-appropriate. No child under the age of 16 should operate a riding lawnmower. No child under 14 should operate a push lawnmower. Passengers and bystanders can be injured more likely, by a lawnmower than the operator. So make sure that you want them to keep a safe distance from operating equipment.

Clean up the debris in your yard

Always scared your lawn for debris before you start mowing such as rocks or even children’s toys that can dangerous projectiles when you’re mowing. If your lawnmower gets jammed from wet grass shut the mower off and use a broom handle to clear the grass from the bottom. More than 20% of log car accidents are hands and fingers.

Also, you might want to pick up your pet waste so that your lawn tires don’t get dog crap on them and avoid extra cleaning after you’re done mowing the grass. You can get dog poop removal services to weekly come out and help there are poop removal services in Lake Orion,  Orion Township, Clarkston, Madison Heights, Bloomfield Hills, Oxford, Harrison Township, Washington Township, and Utica. If you are ever in need of pet waste disposal search for pet waste removal near me This can be helpful for yard pick-up because then you don’t have to stress about cleaning up the dog poop before you start mowing your lawn.

When it’s raining pause yard work

Remember that electricity and water do not mix. If you’re going to use power tools and it starts to rain. Make sure that you get yourself and the tools out of the rain and then consider going back out to finish the project after the rain stops.

If you need help with lawn maintenance or lawn care in Michigan, we can help you get a lawn care service to make sure that your grass stays green and healthy all season long. We have lawn care services in Clinton Township to Oxford Michigan. Yard work is a must during the summer in Michigan.

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