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Taking Care Of Stinging Insects In Your Yard

Every year about 500,000 people visit the emergency room because of insect stings that can be alarming to most. That’s why we recommend keeping pests out of your yard as much as possible. We will discuss how pest control is crucial for summertime stinging insects.

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Stinging insects can become aggressive and that can be a scary thing for most people or homeowners that spend a lot of time in their backyards for the summer it can become dangerous if you provoke the stinging bees. That is why it is important to work with a pest control professional in Michigan.

Yellow jackets in your yard

pest control

With hornets or yellow jackets, you want to keep your yard as clean as possible make sure you don’t have any open trash and that your trashcans are covered. Make sure your windows and doors are properly covered and screened. Any sweet-smelling cologne or perfume should be avoided as yellow jackets are attracted to the smell.

Taking care of hornets with pest control

You can take care of hornets by changing out exterior lighting to the yellow light bulbs and storage garbage in a sealed trashcan. It will also be helpful to clean up your yard of any fallen fruit off your trees. Your local lawn care service in Michigan can usually help you take care of that. If the hornets are bothering you outside it’s recommended not to swat at them but blow at them from a distance.

Don’t mess with killer bee nests let pest control

Killer bees can be a known threat and have been known to chase people for miles. Do not try and remove a killer bee’s nest if you see one leave it to a professional pest control service near you. Also do not approach a killer bee’s nest.

Hire an expert pest control service

Experts have warned that it’s not safe to try and remove any type of nest you see when it comes to stinging insects it takes proper training and equipment and you should contact a licensed pest control expert in your area of Michigan.

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