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Taking Care of Ground Bees in Michigan

If you have a pest problem with bees following a few steps may get rid of them for good for the season. Ground bees can be a problem they are insects that nest in the ground there are more social bees that nest in the open or in tree captives. Though bees have several benefits to a yard when it comes to pollination but ground bees can damage your yard pretty fast by building nests that if left alone can harm your grass.

ground bees

A few tips for ground bees in your yard

Here are a few tips if you need to know how to get rid of ground bees these steps are DIY methods that use household items. If these methods don’t work you may need to call on the best pest control services in your area of Michigan. Though you can try and plant new grass.

Before you start the process of trying get rid of bees you want to make sure that ground bees are what your dealing with in your yard getting rid of hornets or wasps have different methods or steps involved.

Look around your yard for piles of dirt that look like cones if the pile has a pencil size hole at the top more then likely you have a ground bees nest. Ground bees will linger around the yard and their nest, the bees can be a number of colors such as yellow, purple, or blue.

Ground bees are unlikely to sting and they more then likely will fly solo they don’t like to swarm. Male ground bees are the aggressive ones though they aren’t going to harm much.

Water your lawn often to keep ground bees away

The ways to get rid of ground bees is to get rid of access to the nest. Water your yard often, use water and vinegar on the nest or sprinkle cinnamon around or on the nest. Calling a professional local bee removal service can work too. Or if you have a pest control service near you in Michigan call them.

You want to cover the nesting holes block the access to the nest is one way to get rid of your bee problem. Once these bees realize they can’t go in or out of the nest they will search for other areas to pop up a ground nest.

When dealing with ground bees they usually like dry conditions or wet so to have them avoid your yard keep watering your lawn. Plus if you have ground bees already keeping your grass wet can encourage the bees to find other shelter. If need to you can use your backyard hose but if you have a sprinkler system installed in your yard its best to set that puppy to a regular watering schedule.

Plant or seed your lawn for ground bees

The more sparse your yard looks the better your yard looks to a ground be for nesting. Planting more grass is the best thing you can do to have the bees set up shop in your yard. Put grass seed over existing nests also they can help you get rid of those ground bees. New growth grass no matter the type is likely to keep ground bees out of your yard in Michigan.

DIY bee killer can be found in the spice cinnamon yes bees do not like the smell of cinnamon even through they like their sweets. Sprinkle a little cinnamon around the yard can help your yard from becoming the living area for ground bees. White vinegar also is known to help and is deadly to bees. Just take white vinegar and water and spray it around the yard if you have a problem with said bees.

Connect with a local Michigan pest control professional

If your noticing that the DIY methods for eliminating bees isn’t working it might be time to call the help of a local Michigan pest control professional. The bee removal specialists can help determine the best removal method that’s going to be safe. Bee removal specialists can relocate the bees without harming them and prevent them from coming back to live in your yard. Even look into local beekeepers in Michigan as they can at times offer bee removal for free. Stay safe in your yard.

Bee question for homeowners

One question we get asked is are ground bees dangerous and the answer is no, many ground bees don’t even have stingers and the male ground bees that are aggressive don’t want anything to do with humans or animals they just move from surface to surface.

In Need of Pest Control?

Is your lawn looking brown or have you been seeing animals dig in your yard or trying to get into your home through holes? You may need pest control treatment. Get started today.

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