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Keep Your Home Pest Free in Michigan

Your house can always be susceptible to damage from bugs, cockroaches, spiders, ants, and rodents. To help avoid these issues before they become a problem you should reach out to a pest control service near you in Michigan to have a proper plan in place to avoid them invading your yard or home.

As a homeowner you should be getting preventive pest control treatments to help with the health and safety of your family and home. But this is only one measure to help keep pests out of your home.

Pet Waste

Need help picking up your dog’s poop before your mower guys get to your house next? We can help you with weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month dog waste clean-up around your yard.

Yard Clean Up

Is your yard not the way you want it to be? Want better curb appeal? We can connect you with local lawn services and landscapers that will spruce up your lawn all season long.

Pests enter homes as it gets cold

When the temperature drops you can see that an infestation might start to happen the pests want to keep warm. You can routinely clean your home you might still see annoying ants and rodents move around your house but with the proper treatment in place you can avoid all this.

Deep clean your house

Deep cleaning your house in Michigan is one of the best ways to keep the pests from wanting to stay in your house. If they know they can’t get anything in your home they won’t try to come in. Clean and take out the trash often. Pests like to be in dark damp areas of the home. Look at also using a lid on your trash can. Properly sanitize your trash cans if you can to keep them clean.

Keeping areas in your house clean such as under the bed or refrigerator you want to avoid bugs from breeding in your unclean home.

Keep your garden clean in Michigan

Keep your garden tidy bugs and rodents like to stay in gardens. Unwanted pests can damage plants and by constantly trimming your trees in Michigan or keeping your lawn cut you can avoid having your yard become a breeding ground for pests to want to live. Even pet waste removal in Michigan can take care of unwanted bugs in your yard. Pesticides should not be used because they can harm your ecosystem and don’t over water your plants cause it can cause the soil to loosen and you could have a mosquito problem on your hands. Plus the roots to your plants may begin to decay and you don’t want that.

Lawn care services in Michigan can help keep your lawn in tip top shape so pests don’t hide and create large amounts of damage.

pest control services in Michigan
Seal the cracks in your home in Michigan

Seal any cracks or openings in your house they can quickly become a hiding spot for pests. These small cracks can allow bugs, ants, and termites many homes over the years have gaps and cracks that allow pests to enter their home and they need to be closed off. You can close the gaps off with sealants and a local pest control service in Michigan can help you achieve this also.

Clean your pets when they come inside

Cleaning your pets can also help like their paws when they come in from being outside. Pets can often carry pests in their fur. Puppies can carry a lot of insects in from outside so its always good to keep an eye on what your pets are doing and bath them often.

Clean your kitchen after a meal keeping your kitchen tidy will keep the pests and insects from wanting to come around. Regularly clean your sink drains and floors as they can become filthy and have food debris in them which will allow for insects and pests to be attracted. Cleaning your drains can help get the smells out of your home.

Get rid of stagnant water around your house

Get rid of the stagnant water mosquitoes like to come around with this type of water. If you have water tanks or swimming pools in Michigan or Florida you want to keep them clean frequently. Blocked drains can be a breeding ground for pest make sure that your drains are flowing correctly in Michigan. Don’t let rain water sit in your yard after it rains dump them.

Next you want to make it a point to have a pest control service come out and inspect all known areas of your home for pest and insects so they can get you on a treatment plan to take care of your property. You should be getting a pest control treatment in Michigan every season.

Pest control methods that can work in Michigan

These methods also depend on the type of pests that are on your property but can help reduce the harm and damage of your home or yard and could discourage your property from being a breeding ground in the future. If your pest control issues are large you may want to contact a local pest control service in your location to ensure proper work is done.

You can do it yourself but we encourage that only if you have a small pest problem but if its an infestation call a pest control expert nearby.

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