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How To Keep Flies Out Of Your House and Yard

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Find out how to get rid of outside flies to stop them from interrupting your patio parties. We have some tips to make sure that the most annoying flying pests will stay at bay in your backyard. It’s not a bad idea to get some kind of pest control for your backyard.

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Call on a pest control service in Michigan

pest control

Let’s just agree that flying pests are a bother all summer they land on guests, tables, and food, and fly around the house with no idea on how to get out it can truly drive you nuts.

We have local pest control services in Michigan that can help you get rid of these annoying little pests for the summer so you can enjoy your backyard.

Getting rid of flies indoors or outside is a try-and-error approach. Start at the source of the problem and you want to try a couple of different methods to see what works for your spaces.

Organic waste is the biggest issue of why flies invade your yard. To help get rid of flies get rid of your organic matter. This can also mean picking up your dog poop in Michigan. But organic matter, in general, will help. Take care of your trash outside make sure your trash bins and compost bins have lids and they are secure.

Keep up after dinner outside

If you eat outside with the family make sure you clean up after. Pests like sugar. When you clean up you want to wipe down the table and eliminate all food residue you can. The same goes for the BBQ if you grille out and clean it up after.

Use fly traps or fly bait. You can get fly traps off of and fly paper may also help. All you have to do is hang the fly paper around the house.

You can try to use essential oils around the dinner table or an essential oil candle. If you use the smell of pine flies hate that smell. But know that pine wood essential oils can be toxic to your pets.

Clean up your dog poop in the yard

Clean up your cat poop or dog poop in the yard this is no secret that flies can’t get enough of it. So pick it up or hire someone to pick it up if you can’t there are dog poop pick-up services in Lake Orion and Clarkston, and even Sterling Heights that will do it for you on a weekly basis or bi-weekly. If you eliminate the food the flies can eat in your yard the better off you will be and this includes pet waste in Michigan.

Plant some wildflowers

Starting a wildflower garden actually attracts more insects to your yard making it not appealing to flies. Plant flowers that attract bees instead of flies doing this will keep your plants healthy and keep unwanted pests away. A wildflower garden if you create one means there will be more species around that eat flies.

To also help keep the flies away you will want to consider putting the screens back on all your doors and windows. This will allow for the air to flow through your house and keep the flies out.

The trick to keeping away flies

The real trick to keeping flies out of your yard is cleaning around your house indoors and outdoor. Flies love garbage and leftover food so clean up after yourself and you will reduce the number of flies.

Another essential oil scent that flies don’t like is lavender or citronella but citronella is hit or miss sometimes. But if you want to buy a diffuser and let off some lavender essential oils outside flies won’t even touch it.  

Even a lawn care service in Michigan may be able to spray or help you clean up your yard so you don’t have to deal with flies.

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