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How To Keep Bugs Off Your Patio This Spring in Michigan

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Bugs are no different than animals or humans they frequent the areas that they are most welcome. There are a lot of elements in your backyard or on your patio that are actually inviting to insects.

The best thing to do to have a pest free yard

to have a pest free backyard the best thing that you can do this spring is to take away all the inviting elements that will have insects bugs coming back and staying as long as they want. If that is not effective, the next step is to actively repel those bugs.

There are actually tons of different ways to unintentionally make your patio or backyard, inviting for insects and bugs. If you have standing water or piles of debris or it can be as easy as an unkept lawn even dog poop in your yard for weeks can invite bugs. Insects enticed to these conditions and will take up residence in your yard. The good news is that these conditions can change for your yard.

Cleaning up the debris in your yard

Cleaning up your yard is the most beneficial way to keep insects and bugs from taking up residence all year long. Do you want to keep your patio and yard pristine so that the bugs are not inclined to visit often. Clean up your grill so the bugs are not inclined to look at your yard as a food source. Keep your garbage cans or recycling bins away from your backyard or patio. This could be one of the reasons why bugs are coming to your yard is that they smell food.

Bugs need a place to live. Leaves and branches in your yard could be a perfect home for bugs. Take a look at your backyard and remove any debris that you can think bugs would find comfortable to live in. It can be as easy as stacking firewood bugs can find that as a source of food and shelter. if you were going to store firewood in your backyard, we suggest that you do it properly. You can even put your fire word anorak, so it’s up off the ground away from your home and covered. Insects also like to live in hidden places such as your gutters or under your deck if you have one. 

mow your grass

Take care of your grass and we’re not just saying grass clippings or fallen leaves. Insects like to live in tall grass or even live plants can be problematic. If there are a ton of weeds or shrubbery that is outgrowing around your patio, it could be beneficial to trim your trees or bushes insects like to live in that too. That’s actually where insects like to live the most because they can thrive. Trim up your mind and take care of your garden to avoid bugs making your backyard a paradise. and also doesn’t hurt to clean up your dog poop around your patio if you have any pets that like to spend time in your backyard. Michigan has numerous dog poop pick up services that can help. 

Want to take care of the dog poop in your yard? Keep your lawn looking green and growing. Call us to schedule your cleaning, 248-805-1860.

take care of standing water

Just like humans bugs need water to survive. Any area around your patio such as a bird bath or any poor drainage areas of your yard can lure bugs to hang out. Where is the off mosquitoes need water to survive and if you have any standing water around your patio, not only will you have a big mosquito problem but the mosquitoes will also breed around your patio. It’s best to identify standing water and where it’s coming from early on so that you can take care of it around your property.

you can use essential oils.

If you have made these changes and you still have a pest problem it’s time to become a little bit more aggressive and make changes that just won’t be less appealing, but actually repel them.  There are some plants that actually help keep bugs away or you could even use essential oils. 

invite birds into your yard

You can also try to invite birds into your yard. Birds eat insects, not only berries and seeds. If you have birds on your property, you are less likely to deal with insects. To make your yard more enticing to birds, try to put a fountain or a birdhouse in your yard. Yes, it might sound counterproductive to have a fountain, but insects do not find running water, appealing as much as they do stagnant water. 

Still finding bugs to be a problem

if you find yourself in a bug problem, you can also reach out to a licensed pest control contractor in your area of Michigan. Or even a lawn pest control contractor in Michigan.

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