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Lawn Care Service For Ticks in Michigan

Now that its summer time you might be planning more outdoor activities. You might like to go on hiking trips or you might be throwing more patio parties so your patio needs to look tip-top or you may need patio repair in Michigan. Lawn care is a must to keep the ticks out of your yard.

Pet Waste

For weekly or monthly dog waste or pet waste pick up to keep your yard lush and green.

Lawn Service

Lawn care is a must for homeowners and some don’t want to take on the chore of outdoor landscaping.

Outdoor living in Michigan

A shift in outdoor living does have a concern of ticks. Ticks lurk all over for the summer and you can at times find them in your backyard.

We are able to help break down what makes backyards in Michigan attractive to ticks. We want you to be able to prepare your lawn to keep these critters at bay for the summer.

Ticks like damp shaded areas. Portions of your yard that have bushes or trees or even the woods but don’t think that if your yard doesn’t have any of these areas ticks won’t be a problem, to be honest ticks like tall grass, overgrown bushes, and leaf litters.

Lawn care services in Michigan

If yard work in Oakland County or Macomb County has been on the back burner so far this summer now is the time to jump on it. If you let your yard work wait you can have ticks and not even know it.

Your dog or other pets may be on a tick preventive medicine but that doesn’t mean other critters can’t care them into your yard. You want to make sure decks, sheds, and wood areas aren’t the home to rodents.

Some plants that are worth planting to ward off ticks this summer may be sage, garlic, and lavender they don’t like the odors. It never hurts to add a herb garden to your yard.

We know that this stuff smells in general but mulch does help in deterring ticks from your yard.

But all and all keeping your lawn nice and tidy will help in creating barriers for ticks to have to cross over. Cutting your grass and make sure that nothing is overgrown in your yard.

Dog poop pick up services in Michigan

Plus you want to make sure your dog poop is picked up in Lake Orion, or you have dog poop pick up availability in your area.

We have dog poop pick-up services in Clarkston, Oxford, Rochester, Auburn Hills, Macomb, and Utica.  

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