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Landscaping Tips This Fall in Michigan

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Pet Waste

Need help picking up your dog’s poop before your mower guys get to your house next? We can help you with weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month dog waste clean-up around your yard.

Yard Clean Up

Is your yard not the way you want it to be? Want better curb appeal? We can connect you with local lawn services and landscapers that will spruce up your lawn all season long.

With everything orange, red, and warm your barn can be just as inviting. Taking care of your lawn is more than just that visible this year. Fall is the perfect time to do some yard landscaping in Michigan. Here’s the best chance to elevate your lawn with great landscaping tips for Michigan.

Give your yard the TLC it needs

landscaping tips

Fall is the ideal time to aerate your lawn and give it the TLC it wants. You want to spread grass seed all over your lawn. Your lawn can utilize the seed during the fall season. Water your grass every second day for the next two or three weeks after you put down seed or fertilizer. To be honest with you if you’re thinking of fertilizing your soil September to November is the best time of the year to do so.

Clean up your leaves and debris in the yard

Do you want to rake the leaves and debris Breaking the leaves off your grass is a good idea as a Heavy accumulation of leaves can be suffocating your lawn and leave dead patches. One of the best landscaping tips to take care of the leaves is actually to rake them up in one pile in the corner of your lawn and shrub them as small as you can some people select to bow or mulch their leaves in their lawns.

Mow your lawn to winterize it in Michigan

If you want to winterize your lawn the best way occasionally mow your lawn in Michigan. If you have a lawn care service in your area of Michigan they should know the appropriate time to stop mowing your lawn to winterize it. If you want a fall lawn care service to take care of winterizing your lawn you can get lawn care services in both Macomb County MI and Oakland County Michigan.

Mowing your lawn will help the new shoots to grow healthy and strong. You want to keep your lawn short for the winter but have enough feed for the winter to grow green in the spring. Keeping your grass short will help avoid diseases, matting, and rodent damage.

Make sure that you maintain your mower on a regular basis to keep it in good condition during the winter.

Cleaning up your pet waste in Michigan

One last step that a lot of people or homeowners don’t keep in mind is to have a pet waste removal service in Michigan come out and clean your yard before the ground freezes so that you don’t have any brown spots that pop up where dog poop has been laying all winter long.

You can hire a pet waste removal service in the areas of Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Brandon Township, Chesterfield Township, Clarkston, Lake Orion, Macomb Township, Oxford, Orion Township, Ortonville, Rochester Hills, Sterling Heights, Shelby Township, and Utica MI.

Reach out to lawn care services in Michigan

You can always reach out to the lawn care service to maintain your lawn or your yard all season long in your area of Michigan. But if you follow these landscaping tips you can maintain healthy green grass in the spring.

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