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Landscaping Ideas To Spruce Up Your Front Yard

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Sprucing up your front yard landscaping can really improve the look of your house and no it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. But sometimes you may need the help of an Oakland County landscaper.

If you’re looking to sell your home which many are in Michigan adding a little curb appeal to your house is only going to increase the value and attract new buyers. Even if you aren’t looking to move or sell adding some color to your front yard landscaping in Oakland County Michigan will brighten the appearance of your front yard.

Landscape your home in Oakland County MI

Find Trusted Oakland County Landscapers

Need a landscaper for your yard project? Find reliable landscapers that are reviewed by other homeowners in the area and follow a code of quality.

There are many ways to make landscaping your home in Oakland County Michigan flexible and affordable and worth it in the long run. There are many DIY landscaping projects you can take on that you can complete on a weekend and sometimes with no money at all.

You can improve the look of your front yard with just a few hours of trimming and weeding. This can work by trimming back old or out-of-control growth. Trimming back vines and old-growth is cheap and one of the best things you can do for your yard’s curb appeal and trees.

Have a well-kept front yard in Michigan

Oakland County Landscaper

A clean and well-kept front yard can improve the look of your home. Trimming bushes and limbs back says I care about my yard even the lines on your grass matter to some homeowners.

Cleaning and trimming bushes and trees can also allow for new or more pleasant designs for your front yard meaning you may have more landscaping ideas.

Outdoor lighting in the front yard

Another idea for your front yard would be to add some enlightened lighting in your front yard by your front door. You can hang outdoor lighting along your front yard garden. You can do strings of lighting or you can do simple professional lighting. All you need for this type of project is a hammer, lights, and an outdoor plug. If you don’t have outdoor plugs in your front yard you can always purchase solar lighting that saves energy from the sun all day.

Improve your walkway to the front door

 Lastly, you can improve the walkway through your front yard garden to your front door to make it more inviting for visitors. Your walkway can get put on the back burner with weeding and bad weather or wear and tear over the years.

You can start by cleaning up the weeds and making sure the ground is level going up to your front door. If the ground is not level have someone or yourself come out and level it and then put down stone or wood to make a pathway. If you have the extra money you could have a local brick and paver company in Oakland County Michigan come and spruce up your walkway with nice brick pavers.

A landscaper in Oakland County Michigan can also give you suggestions on what to do to make your front door walkway more welcoming if you want.

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