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Cleaning Your Brick Pavers So They Look Like New

Brick pavers are a strong option for any outdoor area. Create a patio area or a pathway to your garden, driveways, or even your pool area. But without the proper maintenance, your brick may start to look worn and dirty, and there you may need a power washing in the Oakland County Michigan area. You will be able to find a Michigan lawn care service below.

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Keep your brick pavers looking nice

One of the best ways to keep your brick pavers looking good is to sweep them regularly or you can use an outdoor vacuum.  But over time pavers can get a little beat up over time with dirt, food spills, and standing water.

Some cleaning methods may have to be researched a bit before cleaning for the sake of the brick pavers you may have.

What you will need to clean brick pavers

You might be able to find your cleaning solution on Amazon if you can find anything you like at a hardware store. To do this type of cleaning you will need the following:

  • Broom
  • Garden hose
  • Cleaning solution
  • Gloves
  • Scrub brush
  • Traps
  • Low-pressure power washer (if you don’t want to hire it out)
  • Sand or mortar

The first thing you will want to do before starting any outdoor project is check the weather you never want to start an outdoor cleaning project if it’s going to rain and with Michigan weather you never know.

You want to clean the brick in temperatures above 50 degrees but not so hot that the cleaning solution dries quickly because then you’re having to scrub away residue.

Clean the area of your pavers

You want to clear a path to the pavers you are going to clean. You will want to move plants or outdoor furniture if you have it out. Remove the moss that is growing or any weeds and or plants that are currently growing between the pavers.

Be careful you don’t ruin your bricks with weeding or uprooting large weeds. This can be where a lawn care specialist in Oakland County Michigan can help or if you’re in the area of Royal Oak Township MI you can get lawn care service.

When doing this you want to have an even clean which means you’re trimming back overgrowth landscaping. Also, keep in mind about covering other plants and landscaping so you don’t get cleaning solutions on the surrounding areas it can be bad for other plants.

If you’re cleaning your brick pavers you want to have a couple of cleaning solutions in mind to use. You want to use cleaning solutions that the brick manufacturers recommend use so you don’t ruin your patio area.

Soap and water can work well on brick pavers

Water and soap seem to be the go-to for most homeowners because it’s simple and easy products you have in your home and it doesn’t damage the brick pavers plus they can tackle stains on the patio.

One thing to consider when cleaning your bricks is to use hot water and a detergent for surface cleaning the brick pavers. Vinegar and water are other common solutions to use. For greenish or blackish brick pavers or water run-off pavers, you should use bleach and water.

There are a ton of commercial cleaners that are available for brick and masonry at retailers which these products should indicate what they are mostly used for and you should be able to find stain-specific cleaners for the type of brick you have. Here is a good cleaning solution to look at.

Find the right cleaning products

You will want to find cleaning products that are going to be able to take care of oil, grease, or rust that can at times build up on areas like your driveway.

The best thing you can do is not use harsh chemical cleaners that aren’t going to be good for your bricks. If you don’t know what you are exactly trying to clean off your pick you will want to start with the least harsh solution and work your way up to what your desired clean is. You can also try to clean a small spot under a table to see how the solution works before moving forward with all the other pavers.

Watering down the bricks before cleaning will help keep the cleaning solution on the surface of the bricks instead of having the bricks absorb the solution this helps the so the brick gets no residue settling on the brick.

Scrubbing your brick pavers

Applying cleaning solution and scrubbing the brick you want to wear gloves especially if you’re using short-handled brushes. You will want to work in small areas of the brick at a time so that you can avoid the cleaning solution from drying.

Most cleaning solutions just need a few minutes on the brick to break up the dirt. But follow the directions for the cleaning solutions you decide to use. Depending on what your using the solution for you may need to give the cleaning process some time to work.

You can use a power washer but use a low-pressure power washer we recommend anything under 400 PSI because you don’t want to dislodge the bricks or the sand you want to keep the pavers in place.

Done cleaning your brick pavers

After you’re done cleaning the pavers you can rinse them down with a regular house. Do not let the water sit on the pavers and try not to have the aim in between pavers. If you see water build-up you will want to sweep it away.

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