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Keeping Pesky Weeds Out of the Yard

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One of the most annoying parts of lawn maintenance is keeping your pesky weeds At bay all summer long in Michigan. But there is a way to keep your lawn healthy all summer long. Lawn care is a must for all Michigan homeowners.

Lawn Care in Michigan in a nutshell is all about persistence and preventative maintenance.

Stopping weed growth with lawn care

To prevent excessive weed growth you want healthy soil. This comes from fertilizing your grass in the spring. This allows for the grass roots to absorb the nutrients and thicken the blades which will push out the possibility of any weed growth. You want to avoid the soil from compacting if this happens it means the soil has no oxygen and weeds can grow.

In the spring overseeding your grass is never a bad thing or putting seed where are you have both birds is never a bad thing either this allows for a limited amount of grass to grow so which makes it hard for weeds to grow in place.

Lawn care in Michigan

Aerating your yard once a year can work in keeping your lawn healthy and green. Putting holes into your yard for hours for the routes to strengthen allowing air water and circulation to get into your grass rooting system.

Cutting your grass can play a role in the weeds growing. Cutting your grass hire can help shade areas of your grass where weeds can grow.

Weeds grow faster

Weeds grow faster than grass because they can handrail white mother nature throws at them. A lot of times you will need to take matters into your own hands to take care of weeds. We need to have a shorter life cycle so therefore I can spread faster than grass. Weeds can grow 1 to 3 inches a day so that’s why weeds can pop out of nowhere.

If you need lawn care in the sense of pet waste removal in Michigan we have the pet waste removal services in Clarkston, Lake Orion, and Oxford.

Pet Waste

For weekly or monthly dog waste or pet waste pick up to keep your yard lush and green.

Lawn Service

Lawn care is a must for homeowners and some don’t want to take on the chore of outdoor landscaping.

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