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If You Have These Common Lawn Problems in Michigan

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Achieving a lush lawn in Michigan can seem like a simple task but there are several obstacles to overcome with any yard. It can start with knowing how to plant grass seed so your yard doesn’t look patchy. The proper lawn care may just take some patience and the right solution is all.

Searching for lawn care service in the Clarkston Michigan area?

Have you been thinking it’s time to hang out the lawn maintenance responsibilities and hire a local lawn care service in Clarkston Michigan or just remodel your yard? Or maybe you need to repair or replace your sprinkler system? It’s time to reach out to your local lawn care service in Clarkston Michigan that has the talented lawn care specialists you need for a great-looking lawn.

Every landscaper or lawn care service we work within Clarkston is licensed, certified, and recommended. We even cover pet waste removal in Clarkston MI areas.

No matter if your looking for a lawn care service near me in Clarkston Michigan or a backyard landscaper we have all your needs covered. We work with a number of lawn care services that have a number of options to care for your lawn and the same goes for the landscapers we work with too.

You can compare landscaper and lawn care quotes in the Clarkston Michigan area and hit the ground running. All you need is your zip code to get started.

With our landscapers and lawn care services in Michigan, they know they are a big pillar for making your lawn and yard look great. There are no jobs too big or small for our lawn care providers or landscapers in Clarkston Michigan.

Our lawn and landscaping offers can include the following:

  1. Landscape design and install
  2. Landscape remodel
  3. Sprinkler systems
  4. Tree removal service
  5. Weed and insect control
  6. Yard maintenance
  7. Irrigation system installation and repairs
  8. Lawn aeration
  9. Gardening service
  10. Pest control service in Michigan

Do you need a landscaper or lawn service in Clarkston? We have the perfect lawn care professional for you in your area. All you need to get started right now is your zip and you will have landscapers and lawn care pros competing for your business today.

Once you find a lawn care service near me in Clarkston you will be given a quote that’s based.

  1. Size of property
  2. What kind of project do you want to be done
  3. Climate and growing conditions
  4. The type of soil you have
  5. Degree of maintenance you want
  6. Water features you want
  7. Hardscaping you want to be built
  8. Any special features you want: Outdoor kitchen, rock patio, and rock walls

When you work with our landscapers or lawn care providers in Clarkston Michigan you can rest knowing that your yard project will be completed with no worries.

We know that you probably have been waiting for far too long to get your front and backyard into tip-top shape and now is the time to get those yard projects done in Clarkston and start enjoying the time in your yard. Sign up today, and we will get you local Clarkston MI yard care.

What the weather can do to your grass

lawn care

The weather and other harsh elements can destroy your thick lawn so keeping on top of it all for a lush summer green lawn in Michigan can be overwhelming.  There are some signs you may need to take action on your own or have a Michigan lawn care service provide the solution.

If your looking for backyard ideas but don’t know what common issues can hold you back from having a lush backyard getaway here are some things that you may want to consider fixing issues right away.

Reddish grass

If you have reddish grass you may be dealing with a fungal disease called a red thread. This can be an effect after a span of warm wet weather. To help this disease to your lawn you need to apply a high nitrogen fertilizer. The solution should work and all your grass should grow green again.

What to do with white-tipped grass in Michigan

If you’re seeing slightly yellow grass with white tips it could be because of your lawn mower. This could just mean that your blades just need to be sharpened. The white tip on your grass also means that your mower is tearing the grass and not cutting it. You should be sharpening your mower blades every 25 hours of grass time.

Fungal disease on your lawn

Dollar spots on your grass are fungal diseases that can be caused by your lawn mower. This fungal disease is circular patches of dead grass essentially. When you have this issue it can mean a couple of things you aren’t cutting your grass enough or you don’t have enough nitrogen in your grass.

Do you have yellow-brown patches on your lawn?

Yellow-brown patches on your lawn could mean that your mower blades are set too low. You don’t want to keep scalping your lawn. This can be avoided by just raising the height of your lawn mower.

Lawn care can be hard in Michigan

Lawn care can be tough but some homeowners may need to wait it out to see what their lawns actually need you may just need to fertilize it or till it but whatever the case maybe you can find a local lawn care service nearby in Michigan.

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