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Five Scents To Keep Foxes Out of Your Garden

Foxes can create a lot of damage to your garden plus threaten your outdoor pets.


There are a few methods to keep them at bay. Some pest control experts recommend using urine if you are comfortable with that. The urine actually you used in your garden deters animals from coming in because it shows your marking in your territory.

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One other thing the boxers hate is hair clippings

Another item that you can use to keep foxes out of your garden is hair clippings. You can trick foxes by letting them assume that there are humans around and keep them out of your garden they will smell the human scent.

You can use vinegar and water

Foxes hate the smell of vinegar so if you can use a vinegar-water solution and spray around your property around your trash bins and around your garden they will stay at bay. If you don’t want to use spray you can spray clothes and hang them around your garden that will deter them from accessing your garden.

You can use chili and vinegar as a scent to protect your garden

Foxes also don’t like the smell of chili you can spritz chili and water around your garden. Garlic is another scent that foxes do not like. You can spray crushed garlic and vinegar around your property to keep foxes away.

You can use a fox repellent that usually is sold at any garden store. Which is fox urine and that will make the other foxes think that the territory is already taken by another fox and they will leave your garden alone.

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