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Five Ways To Improve Your Soil For Better Lawn in Michigan

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Lawn care is essential to maintaining a beautiful landscape all year long no matter if you want to keep your grass green or have thicker lawn the key component to it is a healthy soil.

Poor soil conditions

Having poor soil could mean that your lawn needs urgent repair. having Yellow lawn or brown spots could be a component of unhealthy soil. 

so what you want to do to make sure that your soil is healthy is try these five steps to making your soil healthier. 

Before you improve the quality of your soil, you need to get it tested doing this will give you a better understanding of your lawns pH levels, nutrient levels, and basically what your lawn could be missing. You may want to reach out to a lawn care service for them to help you figure out what your pH level is for your lawn. It really all goes hand-in-hand with the type of grass you have

you can get a Mile soil kit off of Amazon for about $30 bucks. Doing this test will help indicate the changes that need to improve your lawns condition. You should be doing a soil test yearly to make sure that your soil is getting all the minerals that it needs.

healthy soil

Soil compaction Soil compaction

Another thing that you need to avoid for healthy soil is soil compaction this is caused by heavy machinery on your lawn or even heavy foot traffic throughout the year. Do you want to make sure that air and nutrients is penetrating the lawn. you don’t want that on your lawn because it will stop the necessary water from letting . your grass grow.

you should aerate your lawn

Aerating  your lawn of hours for water and air to deeply reach the roots of your grass and this will improve your soil. Aerating your grass is just essentially punching holes in your lawn using a fork. This task will essentially allow your grass to get the nutrition that it needs to thrive and stay healthy.

Reduced thatching Reduced thatching.

Reduce thatching by raking over your lawn, so that Aaron water can penetrate to the route of your grass. What thatch is basically build up of leaves and plant materials on the surface of the soil. if the thatch gets thicker It can suffocate your lawn This will make it hard for the one to get air and water with her key components to healthy grass. Not allowing your lawn to have healthy, nutrients like water and grass can actually make your lawn more prone to lawn pests or disease. 

Put a top dressing down 

If your soil is in poor condition a top dressing of compost or leaf mould and other organic material can give you long enough nutrients. Composting is actually very beneficial to your soil as it will attract healthy insects to keep your soil rich. You may also want to consider using your grass clippings after you cut the grass because it helps your lawn retain moisture and nutrients it may need especially in the hot months in Michigan

You should use mulch as a fertilizer for your grass mulch is a thick layer of material cover that can add to the nutrients of your soil. Mulch is a barrier from water and sun and wind conditions. Mulch can help prevent the growth of weeds and lock in the moisture into your soil. Putting mulch down on your lawn can actually stop it from becoming too dry.

if you need help with making your soil rich, you can also hire a lawn care service in your area of Michigan to maintain a healthy soil and grass.

and no, you should not use pet waste as a natural fertilizer. It is actually bad for your lawn. That is why you should have it picked up weekly with a pet waste removal company. There are many pet waste removal services in Michigan and areas of Bloomfield Hills, Clarkston, Oxford, Lake Orion, Washington Township, Harrison township, and Utica.

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