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Fall Lawn Care Tips in Michigan

With the summer heat subsiding it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get down to the fall lawn care in Michigan. However, how you take care of your lawn will all depend on whether you have grass or turf grass. We can help you with Michigan lawn care tips.

Pet Waste

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Yard Clean Up

Is your yard not the way you want it to be? Want better curb appeal? We can connect you with local lawn services and landscapers that will spruce up your lawn all season long.

Know the type of grass you have in Michigan

Lawn care tips

If you don’t know what type of grass you have you can have a lawn care professional come out and help you with taking samples. When your lawn is not performing well it is highly encouraged to get a soil test. Any corrections you can make to your lawn in the fall will make your lawn lusher in the spring. A soil test for your lawn in Michigan should tell you what your lawn needs to stay healthy.

Weed control is important to keeping a healthy lawn. Weeds can cause trouble in both warm and cold climates. So it’s highly recommended to apply weed control products in Michigan. With weed treatment, you want to avoid newly seeded areas of your lawn and use target spot treatments on tougher weeds.

You want to thatch your lawn by raking it or using your mower or other equipment. For bad soil compaction, you may need to do core aeration to your lawn this is the process of opening up your lawn and letting water, air, or nutrients in. But that’s only if you have cool-season grass.

Thatching your lawn in Michigan this fall

With warm-season grass, you don’t have to dethatch it in the fall. Instead, you want to do the task in the spring or early summer when the grass is actively growing.

Even though it’s cool outside and the cool season grass you don’t have to water your grass in the fall season. We want to make sure you ensure that you water your grass enough in the autumn to carry your lawn through the winter season in Michigan. Doesn’t water the grass as much as you do in the summer but with the dry, hot days in the autumn, you still want to give your grass some love with water.

For warm-weather grass, you only want to water the grass when it’s actively growing when it stops growing you can rely on the rain to water your grass. This is of course if you don’t overseed your lawn for the winter then you have to use a watering schedule.

Fertilize your lawn in Michigan

Cold-weather grass needs to be fertilized. Avoid fertilizing lawns that are composed of warm-season turf grass. This type of grass undergoes a hardening-off process to prepare for the winter and you don’t want to ruin that process if you don’t have to.

It’s not a bad thing to overseed your grass with ryegrass. Homeowners can have green grass when they have warm-season grass but in Michigan, we don’t have that possibility. With the type of cool weather grass that Michigan has, it can benefit from overseeding but over-seeding for the winter in Michigan is to help your lawns bear spots and to have a good-looking yard for next year in Michigan.

When to mow your grass in Michigan

Mowing your lawn with cool-season grasses you don’t have to raise the mowing height like you would with warm-season grass. Though mowing your lawn in Michigan at the proper height can save you from raking and bagging grass clippings. It’s best to mow when your grass is dry and is three inches tall you don’t want to mow the grass any lower than two inches tall so set your mower decks and ride. It’s not a bad thing to leave grass clipping on the lawn after cutting they have nutrients for the lawn as long as they are in bulk.

You will have to cut the lawn more often but overall you will have a more healthy-looking lawn with this method. You can also get a mulching lawn mower to help with the task of caring about the height of the lawn because the grass clippings will be feeding the lawn still. If you want to know when to stop cutting your grass for the season you can base it on the weather and when the grass stops growing

Leaf pick up in MI

Picking up or cleaning up leaves is a benefit for both cold-weather and warm-weather grass you should have a leaf management system in place for your yard. Leaves that stay on your lawn too long can hurt the health of your lawn. You should mulch smaller amounts of leaves and mow them but if you have a ton of leaves in your yard you should bag and compost them.

Backyard dog poop clean-up service

One other thing that you should do is look at weekly dog poop cleanup services in your nearby area of Michigan. Currently, we have backyard dog poop cleanup in Bloomfield Hills, Clarkston, Rochester Hills, Lake Orion, Orion Township, and Independence Township.

Plus poop pick-up services for dogs in Chesterfield Township, New Baltimore, Shelby Township, and Clinton Township MI areas. So if you want your yard free of dog poop this fall or don’t have time to do it let us know and we can help.

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