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Best Time To Apply Grub Control To Your Lawn

Take care of the grubs in your lawn with the proper grub control. Local lawn services can help you with grub control and keep your lawn green and lush. Call 833-521-2316.

Homeowners may worry about grub control or grub worms when their lawns have brown spots. If you want to create lush, green lawn. Controlling these insects can be a challenge but it’s better when you apply grub control at the right time which is usually early to mid summer this application, will prevent next generation from forming and help with further damage. 

Putting down grub control products 

grub control

Putting down grub control in June will help eliminate the eggs from growing this will help stop hatching that would happen in mid song, most effective way to take care of these insects. Insecticides do not work as well 

If you put down and insecticide in the spring, and you will need to have more of a commercial product that that isn’t actually available in the spring. Therefore, you’re going to have to have a lawn care service in Michigan apply a second treatment in early to mid summer plus they would have to help you with preventing next generation of grubs.

Insecticides is only one of the several ways to get rid of Robert worms. One of the other way as it is to allow your long to dry out and let the birds dig up the worms but that might ruin the aesthetics of your lawn.  Applying grub control provides the best results while still maintaining your lush green beautiful grass.

What is the grub control products are made with granules that can still be applied with a spreader. If you are going to wait till June to apply the granules it’s advisable to do the whole yard. Grubs can appear anywhere on your lawn in the next season. Make sure that you purchase enough grub control to cover the square foot of your yard. Make sure the active ingredients is tricolorfon or carbaryl.

Read the instructions of how to apply the product that you purchased. It’s best to apply the product after you have more long are are not expecting any rain you need at least 24 hours on both side of the application. After you apply the application, do you need a specific amount of water so turn on your sprinkler system to have the exact amount of water recommended.

Some people prefer to apply grub control every single year. So you do not have to apply or do the work for grub control every single year. A healthy long can I have some insects and still look healthy and green. So think about it this way, five grubs that every square foot of your yard should not make a substantial impact or noticeable impact for your lawn but if you’re dealing with more, you may need to apply grub control or reach out to a lawn care provider in the areas of Lake Orion, Clarkston, Clinton Township, and Oxford for applications applied. 

Knowing when you have lawn damage from grubs

If you suspect grub damage, you can look for brown spots in your grass or cut back some of the lawn going couple inches in and pull back the lawn and see if there’s any insects or any damage to your roots it can be contributed to these insects or pests. So no, it isn’t your fertilizer or your dogs urine. You can do a preventative, grub control measure in the early summer or hire a professional lawn care provider for a grub control in Michigan.

When grubs are in the larvae stage they eat the root of the grass also, on the stage, they have a whitish gray tail with an orange head they grow an inch or two at length. Grubs will also curl up like a C. You can constantly trying to get rid of June bugs or Billbugs has another option to get rid of these pests or control them.

Grubs are not known cause of dog poop but its a good idea to get the dog poop off the lawn so it doesn’t aid in helping the lawn go brown. You can get dog poop pick up in Lake Orion, Orion Township, Clarkston, Madison Heights, Harrison Township, Oxford, Washington Township, and Utica.

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