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Lawnmower Tips For Homeowners

If your going to cut your grass this season its a good idea to know lawnmower safety. If you want a lawn care service to mow your grass call 833-521-2316.

There are hundreds of thousands of homeowners that are injured by lawn mower accidents each year on a global scale. We have a few safety tips for you this year if your cutting your own grass.

Lawnmower safety

How to prevent lawnmower injuries

You first want to have sturdy shoes that your going to want to wear and no you don’t want to wear sandals when your mowing the lawn. Your best to go find an old pair of shoes you don’t use anymore or go buy a cheap pair at the store, your going to get them grass stained anyways and probably throw them away after the mowing season anyways.

Some homeowners wear eye and ear protection its just for sound protection some lawnmowers can be loud for people so its always better to be on the safe side. Eye protection can help keep sweat and blades of grass out of your eyes. Lawn care professionals wear hats at some point but that can make you sweat too. So make sure you know what to wear when your out in the yard.

Do not pull the lawnmower backwards or mow in reverse unless its necessary. The only time to really do this is if your trying to cut grass around trees in your yard or the AC unit in your backyard or the side of the house. You don’t want to fall backwards and hit your head or back on stones you may have in your yard or even worse have the lawnmower blades ride up on your legs. You should always have the lawnmower going in a frontward motion.

Most lawnmowers now have mechanisms on them that will allow for the wheels to rotate forward when you push down on the mechanism and the lawnmower will stop when you let up on the mechanism that’s a good safety feature to have or even look for on a new lawnmower if your looking to buy a new one.

Lastly, you want to make sure that dogs, cats, and children are a safe distance from the lawn you are going to mow. You don’t want any children injuries because of the lawnmower. Bonus: If your lawnmower is clogged with wet grass or grass in general don’t stick your hands under the lawnmower.

You can get quality mowers in your area of Michigan or even Florida for weekly mowing if you don’t have time this season to cut the grass.

Cleaning up your yard before mowing

If you also need to clean up your yard of dog poop before you mow you can connect with a dog poop clean up service in Clarkston, Lake Orion, Oxford, Harrison Township, Madison Heights, or Utica.

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