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House Projects That Can Cost You Thousands If Overlooked

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Owning a house can be tough yes you may have enough to cover the mortgage monthly but there might be some occurring charges for monthly maintenance on your home.

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As a homeowner what you’re responsible for

As a homeowner, you are fully responsible for taking care of the maintenance around the house in the house major and minor projects.

Being a homeowner creeps upon all of us even the projects they are done or should be done on a regular basis kind of slip through the cracks.

There are four tasks that are often overlooked but make sure that you keep them in mind and also look at your budget accordingly when buying a home.

Snow removal in Michigan

Snow removal it’s something that you will need if you live in a colder climate. You may need to hire a snow removal company when the weather gets bad to clear your driveway. When you are taking care of your driveway or home in the winter usually sign an annual contract for snow plowing so that you can get to work on time and you don’t have to shovel your driveway every time it snows. Some snow plowing companies will add it in with your lawn care service so you get a discounted rate but if you don’t sign up for snow plowing every time at its nose you could be paying have to pay a hefty rate for snow removal in Michigan.

Maintain your lawn in Michigan

Maintaining your lawn most homeowners have a lawn to maintain. You may have to pay a lawn service in Oakland County to come out and cut your grass or a yard service in Macomb County to come out and manicure your lawn unless you are going to buy a lawnmower and take care of your lawn yourself.

If you want to keep your lawn green and luscious you may also need to have a company come out and fertilize your lawn on a regular basis. You will need your lawn to possibly be sprayed for weed control because if you don’t it can damage your lawn and pesticides.

Letting your yard be overgrown may not be an option because most Townships have rules for lawns. Depending on where you live there might be strict rules with lawn maintenance rules that you have to abide by and you could face hundreds of dollars in fines depending on where you live and how bad you let your grass get.

Trash and pet waste removal

Trash service is something that may be put into your association cost depending on the sub or Township that you live in or you could be possibly paying for this separately. Trash pick-up is not usually optional since most people do not want to take the trash to the dumpsters or the landfills themselves so they end up paying a couple of hundred dollars a year for trash pick-up. Not to mention if you have a pet or two you might want to look at pet waste removal services in your local area of Oakland County or Macomb County Michigan. There are pet waste removal services in areas such as Clarkston Michigan, Lake Orion, Rochester Hills, Waterford, and Oxford that are reasonably priced for dog waste pick up.

If you have gutters on your home you may need to have them professionally cleaned out this could cost a couple of hundred bucks to have somebody come out once a year and clean out your gutters so that squirrels birds and other animals do not make your gutters their home.

Gutter cleaning once a year

Cleaning out your gutters can help you avoid clogs that can create leaks and water damage around your home. Without the right or proper drainage, you could be dealing with the leaks that do not leave the home properly and end up creating issues for your home’s foundation in Oakland County Michigan.

Taking care of major-minor projects as a homeowner

All these maintenance projects are not the typical things that homeowners or new homeowners think about until they actually happened to the house. There are steps that you can take to prevent some of these things from becoming major issues. So our recommendation is when you buy a home make sure that you have a plan of action to take care of some of these major and minor projects before they get very bad for you as a homeowner because the longer that you wait on some of these projects heftier of a price you will pay to have a professional come out to your house to fix them.

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