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Get Your Lawn Ready For Spring

Want to make your lawn look the best it can for the season? Start now with simple lawn tasks or call 855-316-9164.

Does your lawn need a quick pick me up or some love? You might have to give your lawn some love if winter has left its mark. With it warming up a bit now is the perfect time to get your lawn ready for spring.

Start with fresh lawn

You may want to start simply by clearing debris. This can even be dog waste removal, you can find dog waste removal services in Michigan in areas of Macomb County or Oakland County MI. Even if you have raked your yard past fall you may need to do it again. Decomposing plant material may make it hard for the grass to grow back lush and green.

Think of your lawn as having a bad hair day. Grass is known to clump under the weight of snow. Which once the snow melts it can make the grass look uneven and that’s where the care comes in you don’t want flat matted lawn.

Over seed if you have too

Even the best lawns in the neighborhood can have thin grass or patches. If you have uneven grass growing the best solution for this is to over seed your lawn. You can find out when to start the process at the harbor day foundation website just look up your region with your zip code.

Over seeding is your choice some homeowners choose to do it themselves while others choose to hire a lawn care service to do it for them. You can can find lawn care professionals in Michigan and in Florida to help with seeding or uneven grass. Over seeding is really up to you its the process of adding grass seed to the top layer of soil its an easy job to do yourself. You have to water the grass every day so it starts to germinate then you can start watering it every couple of days.


Start mowing your lawn

Good lawn care no matter if your in Florida or Michigan starts with regular mowing when your preparing your grass for spring. Ideally you want to keep your grass about three inches long and this will help with the growth of weeds for a healthy lawn. Mow as much as needed.

Don’t mow on soggy ground. Spring rain or melting snow may make your lawn somewhat wet and unfit for lawn maintenance. You will want to wait until the soil drys up a bit then start mowing.

Trim your trees

Winter can be a perfect opportunity to step away from yard work for a bit. But on the flip side you may be backlogged with all the lawn maintenance that has to be done just in time for spring and pruning your trees and shrubs is one of those early spring tasks. You want to check your trees for overgrown branches or dead branches the goal is to do minimal upkeep on your trees and shrubs. If you can you can always hire a tree service near you to take on the task.

Plants can sometimes be sensitive to change and to much pruning can impact your plants health and open them up to potential infestations and wounds. It could be best to hire out a local tree maintenance service depending on what the trees need.

Apply your mulch

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your lawn appeal is to add a layer of mulch. Planting beds will look there best and you can avoid weeds from peeking through. You should add about two to three inches of mulch to your beds but don’t cover the plants.

Mulching will come down to timing just like most lawn care. Mulching to early may slow the warming process to the lawn. Just to be sure you may want to wait to mulch in late spring this will help in the warming up of your soil.

Consider new landscaping

If your thinking new landscaping now is the time to do it. Landscaping in early spring allows for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor plus some of the lawn care needs may change from the landscaping. So plan early if your looking to change up your landscaping.

Before the landscaper season begins and you may have to do the waiting game try and get in touch with a local landscaper now in Florida or in Michigan to get your yard looking beautiful plus you won’t have to wait.

Installing a sprinkler system

It can be a time save to install a sprinkler system. But keep in mind that you won’t want to do it yourself it can be a serious job for homeowners. If you don’t want to set up an irrigation map or dig trenches, and connect pipes more than likely you will want to hire a local sprinkler installation professional they maybe pricey but the trade off is worth it.

If you do DIY or call a local professional sprinkler guy there are still things you may want to know such as if possible you want to water in the morning for efficient absorption and it lowers your chances of mildew. Try not to water your sidewalks or driveways. Get a sprinkler system that waters your lawn off a timer for more consist watering.

Wrapping up lawn care

Spring is here and its time to get that lush green grass you want this season. If your lawn is looking a bit shady know that a nice lawn is in reach you just may have to put in a little work. Good luck and may you have sunny days ahead.

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