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Get Your AC Unit Ready For Summer

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Do you want to get ready for summer? Take care of your cabinets to your lawn in Oakland County Michigan.

Clean off your AC unit when you are in the yard

A great home maintenance tip with your AC is when you’re outside doing yard work or might be just walking your yard it’s a good idea to spray your AC coils. This is helping allow your unit to run more efficiently. Plus it will remove any grass clippings, dirt, and debris from your system. If your having issues with your AC unit in Michigan now is the time to call a professional. A properly running AC unit will keep your dogs and cats cool this summer.

Want to spot your dog peeing or pooping in the house?

If you have any pets and they are leaving accident spots in your house let’s say you just recently got a puppy but outside potty training is a sore subject right now. You can get Vick’s jar and use that to deter the dog from peeing in the spot they like to be in within the house.

Just place the Vicks jar on the spot and the scent from the jar is strong enough that the dog will not venture over there anymore. We know that cleaning spots and even poop for a dog can be a hassle and it’s the last thing you want to think about when you’re trying to housebreak a dog.

Pet waste removal services in Oakland County

Currently, we are offering pet waste removal in Oakland County; yes you can get dog waste collection services in areas of Clarkston, Oxford, and Lake Orion. So if you have a busy summer life with kid activities we want to help you clean up your yard by collecting your dog poop. Plus the mower guys are going to enjoy cutting your grass in Oakland County MI even better. 

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