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Florida Winter Lawn Care Tips

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Need a landscaper for your yard project? Find reliable landscapers that are reviewed by other homeowners in the area and follow a code of quality.

The words, Florida winter may sound a little confusing. The state of Florida does not have a winter like the rest of the country. If you live in Tampa to Sarasota, you probably wouldn’t even have a winter. But South Florida does have his potential for a cold days but no snow although they do get freezing temperatures from time to time it won’t last forever but a few days.

But the state of Florida does still experience changes in seasons. There are times where temperatures will be colder and you will wake up to morning frost and your plants and trees made experience distress. Even though Florida homeowners have that warm green grass, shocks of cold weather can interrupt your property. For those that want to outlast the short winter season in Florida we have some lawn care tips that might be beneficial for your yard.

Basics of a Florida winter for lawn

With the cold temperatures that happen in Florida, your grass still needs to withstand fewer hours of sunlight and less intensive light in general. This will make your grass grow slower.

If you want to fertilize your grass, because of this reason, we encourage you not to. The slow growing grass actually protects your lawn for the colder temperatures. When you fertilize it, you’re forcing your grass to grow which will hinder or put your lawn into distress for colder temperatures, which is not a good thing. You should be fertilizing your lawn by October, November at the latest in Florida. Though, if you do miss this fertilizing application, you should be able to weather the storm per se till you have to do the spring application.

If you want to make sure that your grass looks green all winter long, you should over seed it with rye.

Over seed your lawn in Florida

This means that you’re planting temporary grass where your lawn is thin. If you’re looking for an option for over seeding ryegrass is a great option this because it’s affordable and fast growing. Once the temperature drops below the mid 70s, it’s time to start seating with rye. Before you see your Florida long, do you want to reach to get loose debris and then mow your lawn after.

You want to sow the rye grass seed and water it often until it becomes germinated. As the winter grass is flourishing, you can go up on a schedule of watering it and mowing it. The ryegrass full day off as the temperatures rise but you should have green luscious grass come spring time.

Water your lawn often in the winter months in Florida

During the winter months in Florida, your grass needs water and nutrients this is to ensure your grass can last in the colder Florida climate. 

Your Florida grass will always need water, but how often will change in the winter months. During the blazing heat in the summer, your grass usually needs to be watered at least twice a week that also includes watering even when it rains

Remember that this season the temperatures are fairly dry so your irrigation system, sprinkler system in Florida needs to be in working fashion and most definitely necessary.

Your grass down in Florida will actually give you signs that is it in distress and needs water. The grass will change color. Usually the color goes from green to bluish gray. Plus, you will see your grass fold.

If you need a lawn care professional in your area of Florida, we have lawn care experts that are available to fertilize your lawn mow your lawn, or even get your sprinkler system in working order. You can always call a local Florida lawn service to get quotes, 239-688-4213.

Find Trusted Florida Landscapers

Need a landscaper for your yard project? Find reliable landscapers that are reviewed by other homeowners in the area and follow a code of quality.

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