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Five Lawn Tips For Green Grass

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Yesterday was the first day of spring even though we may get snow this coming week its not a bad idea to get rolling on your spring lawn maintenance tasks. We have five tips to help you have lush green lawn this year and fertilizer is one part of it.


Understand the lawn job

Remember that turf grasses and cool season plants come back every year and they grow best in cool moist spring weather, fall, or even winter conditions. Summer time is one of the times of the year that your turf grass can get stressed out. This type of grass means that you have to give your lawn some extra attention in the spring to allow the grass to survive the summer weather.

You need weed control

The best time to control your lawn weeds is before they germinate so if your lawn has any type of weed in it? Applying a pre-emergent herbicide early in the spring can help reduce the potential weeds from invading your yard later in the growing season this year. The pre-emergent herbicide is a chemical that will help in preventing seeds from germinating.

Early spring is the prime time to control crabgrass use the chemical herbicide to help control it if it grows in the summer. Though to put treatments for crabgrass your lawn temperature needs to be at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit for the most effectiveness.

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You should look to seed bare spot early

if you have bare spots in your lawn or your lawn is thin the early spring is the best time to seed those spots and you should over seed where your grass is thin. Most homeowners fail to reseed to early and seeds that are then on the grass end up not surviving because of the hot dry summer.

By the time we know that we need to reseed our lawn its to late into the spring because we after we mow once or twice we are already into the season. Plus its differcult for new seeds to develop a root system that it needs for healthy growth in the summer. So before you or your lawn service mows your lawn walk your lawn to be aware of any bare spots that need help.

If your lawn needs a whole new reseeding you may want to wait til late summer to early fall time to take on a whole lawn reseeding. Your grass seed may do better than it would if your late in early spring. In the fall or winter season the grass root system has time to develop with two cold seasons before the grass is exposed to the hotter weather.

Turf grass needs a good amount of soil just like green plants. So you want to fertilize your grass in late fall or early spring for the best results. You can also hire a lawn care service to fertilize your lawn for the best results they can help you with these lawn management tasks.

Lawn fertilizer should be applied three times a year late spring, late summer, and late fall. If you didn’t apply fertilizer in late fall? Now could be a good time to put some down for your lawn to get an adequate amount of nutrients it needs to be green this year.

Don’t over fertilize your lawn

The exact amount of fertilizer should be applied to the lawn in order to save money and protect the environment and the only way to see how much fertilizer you need is to do a soil test to see how fertile your grass is. You can usually find a local landscaper in your area to do the testing. When applying fertilizer make sure its only applied to the soil and not the driveway or sidewalks to avoid it being washed into the sewers and end up in the surface waters.

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