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Most Common Fencing Mistakes That Can Cost You Time and Money

Fix Your Fencing Today!

Local fencing contractors can help you install or repair your yard fence.

Fencing is a big job, so make sure you aren’t making any of these fencing mistakes before you build your fence to save your self some time and some money. 

Maybe you’re gate area will be flooded with water after a storm may gather or you might have to track through mud to open the gate.

Mistake number one placing gates in the wrong location

If you have ever installed the fence yourself and have realized after you dug the holes and cemented posts and hung the gates but found out that area that you’re using in your yard that has been placed for the gate it is inconvenient area there might be future problems to deal with. 

Maybe you didn’t quite plan out your scenario and now you can’t fit in tractor in through the gate or deliver food to your hogs, or whatever else you may need. 

Before starting any fencing project on your property, make sure you find out exactly where you need the gate and what you’re going to use it for.

Because once those gate posts are secured, and the fence is stretched, you don’t really want to move your gate. It will become a headache, nearly impossible to move a gate to be honest, but it will cost you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Incorrectly spacing your posts

Installing fencing you want to make sure that you find the week points in your friends so that let’s say you have animals or dogs so that they won’t get out you don’t want to spend your free time fixing a fence you just put up because the goat knocked it down, or the dogs jumped the fence Again you don’t wanna spend money that you don’t have to add a new post to help strengthen the wire. So find out what your fencing needs are. If you need to put a post every 8 feet then that’s what you’re going to have to do. Correct spacing will depend on the type of wire you’re using. And also it will depend on the type of fence. You are trying to put up electric fence, and wolf and fences are all going to be different.

Fencing mistakes

Unsecure corner posts

Corner posts are very important to the integrity of your fans. They bear a lot of pressure, especially when you’re doing construction to the fence. If you don’t have them secured to the ground and the support will weaken, and the fans will collapse in word. It also may under pressure and trust me as a homeowner you do not want that.

If you’re installing your fence yourself, you want to make sure the corner posts and gates are deeply secure into the ground and braced correctly. 

Ignoring property lines

If you are aware of your property line and no one contests it over the years and let’s say you put up a fence the fence will after years become the new property line so pay attention so you don’t make the mistake and give away part of your land to your neighbor.

You don’t want to get into a arguing match with your neighbor with with them, saying that the fence is their property or even worse, you could get a fine for accidentally fencing, a public area that isn’t considered your property.

If you’re unsure of where your property line is call a surveyor, or even the county that you live in, you’re actually saving money if you do this in the long run and avoiding a major fencing mistake.

Choosing the wrong kind of fencing for your yard

This is a big one for most homeowners, because they really don’t know what kind of fence they need or want for their yard. Choosing the wrong kind of fence is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

If your fence continues to get knocked down by heavy wind or rain, storms, or even natural disasters of any kind, you have to continue to keep putting up a fence maybe you’re putting up the wrong kind of sturdy fence that your yard needs so you’re actually in a conundrum with figuring out what kind of fencing, your yard needs with the climate you live in.

Let’s say that you have a garden and you have a fence around it but it’s really not keeping any pests from eating your tomatoes or any other vegetables you may be growing or you might have deer eating your tulips if it doesn’t keep the past, so your fence is basically useless. plus you don’t want to be calling a pest control company in your area every other week to come and take care of the pest issue.

Bags not to mention if your dog escapes because your fence is knocked down or broken and needs repair. Therefore, the fence is rendered useless. If the dog can escape your fenced yard. And poop in your neighbors yard. You may have a problem with your neighbor plus the extra cost of having to deal with your neighbor, hiring a pet waste company. All the gather.

When it comes to fencing  there are a lot of choices when it comes to fencing you can do a wood post fence, cheap post fence, welded wire, woven wire, electric wire, chicken wire fence, but it all depends on the way of your yard. Some of these fence options would be good for a farm, but if you live in a residential area, just putting up a vinyl fence or a chain-link fence may be your best option. 

Do a lot of research when you are looking to install the fans you may even want a fencing contractor in your local area to come out and assess your yard to see what kind of fence they advise you to put in your yard to get the job done to secure your pets or even your privacy.

So, with these five fencing mistakes hopefully you can skip making these mistakes and have a strong well-made fence for your yard for a lifetime. And if you need assistance with fence installation or repair. We can help assist and connect you with the proper fencing contractor in your area for a sturdy yard fence.

Fix Your Fencing Today!

Local fencing contractors can help you install or repair your yard fence.

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