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Fall Lawn Care Guide

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As summer gradually transitions into fall it is important to take steps to ensure that your lawn remains healthy and vibrant throughout the changes. While your lawn routine can become overwhelming there are several straightforward jobs that you can tackle over the weekend to protect your grass and set the stage for lush lawn in the upcoming months.

Lawn care tips for fall

Mowing with care – before fall arrives give your grass a healthy trim. Most people like to adjust their mowers to cut their grass slightly lower then usual you should go about 2 inches. This will help with avoid long grass from becoming matted down from fall leaves, which can lead to a decrease in pest problems. However, you don’t want to scalp your lawn because it can stress your lawn and expose soil to damage.

Raking and debris cleanup – fallen leaves and branches should be raked up because it can smother your lawn and slow its growth. Take some time and rake your yard and remove all the elements ensure that your lawn get the sunlight and air circulation that it needs. Composting is a great option or you can use the leaves and other debris as mulch for your garden if you have one.

Aeration – is the work of putting small holes in your yard to improve water, nutrient, and air penetration. This can be done manually or mechanically. Aeration helps alleviate compacted soil which is a result of heavy foot traffic or heavy lawn mowers. Doing this also promotes root growth and prepares your lawn for fall fertilizer.

Fertilization – fall is a great time to provide your lawn the nutrient it needs to thrive. Its best to choose a slow release balanced fertilizer you want to use a product that is going to encourage root growth. You want to fertilize after you aerate because the fertilizer will be able to reach the soil better. But also read the bag instructions from the manufacturer.

Over-seeding – is spreading grass seed to fill bare spots or thin areas in your lawn. Its a solid way to rejuvenate your grass to enhance its density. Find a seed that suits your climate and soil type. After over-seeding you want to keep your lawn consistently moist to encourage germination. The cooler weather in fall makes it prefect conditions for over-seeding.

Weed control – take care of the weeds before they go to seed for the fall preventing their proliferation in the coming year. Apply a weed control treatment to address any weed issues. Be cautious in using herbicides, try to use an environmentally friendly product if you can.

Watering – as the weather gets cooler, your lawn still needs regular watering to establish a good root system before the winter. When you water you want it to get deep in the roots to encourage growth. Aim for about an inch of water a week that also include rain water. Water in the morning because its best for the grass to soak in the water.

Repair and maintenance for your lawn – inspect any damaged areas of your lawn such as uneven areas sunken spots or a damaged sprinkler system that needs to be repaired. Repairing these issues in your yard now you will avoid them worsening during the winter. Level uneven surfaces, fix your sprinklers if need be, and address any erosion or any lawn compacted issues.

Edge your lawn – well-defined lawn edges provide a neat and polished look to your yard. Use a edger tool to create clean lines between driveways, walkways, and flowerbeds. The small jobs you do for your yard a make the biggest overall look of your outdoor space.

Pest control plan for fall – before pests become a problem, have a plan set in place to take care of the future issues. Think about applying insecticides to safeguard your lawn from pests like grubs which can cause damage to Michigan lawns if not checked.

Weekend lawn care

By dedicating a weekend to these tasks in your yard, you’ll be setting the stage for a healthier and more resilient lawn in the fall. The time you invest now will pay of with a lush lawn and landscape that will welcome a changing season in Michigan. Many lawn care providers in Michigan can help you with the above tasks if you don’t have time during the weekend.

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