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The Impact Of Dog Poop On The Earth

Now as a pet owner you may ask yourself does pet waste leave an impact on the environment. And is it negative or positive? Find out what impact dog poop has on the earth.

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Pet waste seems harmless

dog poop

Dog and cat waste may seem harmless. But your pet’s poop can be a problem for the ecosystem if it starts to accumulate. Some of the organisms in your dog poop can spread and make it problematic for waterways and create algae.

Dogs are creating 10.6 million tons of feces each year. There are about 83 million dogs in the United States alone. When you are taking these types of numbers you can kind of see the chemical balance that dog poop or cat poop would have on the natural ecosystem.

Dog poop and the earth

Pet waste is not only a problem for the earth’s ecosystem if it sits too long but it can become an issue for your own health too. Pet waste can cause some issues of intestinal issues and kidney disorders because bacteria from pet poop can get into the water you drink.

So you may have the question of what are you supposed to do with this poop throw it away? Putting it in a trash can isn’t the best option we have today but it can work. We recommend naturally composting it, but if your options are limited you can always flush it down the toilet. We know it sounds disgusting but it might be the greenest way to go for the reason of being able to be processed at a sewage treatment facility.

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