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Oakland County Pet Waste Removal

Find out how much it’s going to be and what services we can offer you to help get rid of the poop in your yard.

Oakland County

Oakland County Michigan Pet Waste Cleaning

Get your pet waste taken care of in Oakland County Michigan before your lawn is mowed.

Does your dog poop in your yard? If so and you live in Oakland County Michigan we can help you.

Services for pet waste removal

The services we currently provide can be considered pet waste removal, dog waste removal services, and dog poop pick-up services. As a matter of fact, we pick up dog waste for both commercial and residential areas and pet-friendly properties.

We offer professional services with licensed and insured scoopers at the best prices Oakland County has to offer. Our services start at $13 per week and that’s with no contract either. Payment is not required until services are rendered. We pride ourselves on satisfaction.

The demand for pet waste removal in Oakland County

Due to the high demand and pet owner awareness, this service of cleaning up dog waste has grown. Pet waste removal is now considered part of routine lawn care for weekly lawn service or yard service in the Oakland County Michigan area. Pet waste removal is no longer a luxury anymore it is grown to be a necessity for mowers.

Homeowners in Oakland County hire dog waste removal experts for a number of reasons. Many people cannot pick up their dog waste in a timely fashion. Some dog owners cannot pick up their dog waste because they have weak stomachs or have health issues or have physical limitations that can make it hard.

Busy dog owners

Some dog owners with their busy lifestyles can find it difficult to find time for this cleaning chore in their backyards between work, family, and other activities. They find that hiring a local pet waste removal service in Oakland County is a worthwhile service to have.

Pricing for pet waste removal

With our affordable prices, you can free yourself of the chore of picking up weekly dog waste.

Having a local pet waste removal service in your neighborhood or area takes away the unpleasant chore of jumping over pet waste on a weekly basis and allows you to get back to the things that you should be enjoying which are your family and having a clean yard at a low price.

If you want another area for pet waste removal our crews are out daily in the Clarkston area for dog waste removal or Rochester, Lake Orion, Bloomfield Hills, Brandon Township, Waterford, Addison Township, Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills, Highland Township, Ortonville, Leonard MI, Oakland Township, and Oxford. Don’t live in Oakland County? Don’t worry we also have pet waste collection in Macomb County Michigan.

We can work together to cleanup your yard

Taking care of residential yards one by one. With the most talented yard clean up crews Michigan has to offer.