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Winter Dog Poop Pick Up Guidelines in Michigan

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With snow on the ground we have dog poop pick up rules that we use as guidelines for the best service we can offer in Michigan.

dog poop pick up
  • In snowy conditions, please ensure a clear path to the dog waste for our service team.
  • Bag the waste separately, so it doesn’t freeze to the ground, making it easier for pickup.
  • Salt or ice melt can be used to prevent icy surfaces around the waste area.
  • If the waste is buried under snow, mark the spot for efficient removal.
  • Consider providing a sheltered waste disposal area to minimize weather-related challenges.
  • Keep communication open regarding any changes in your dog’s routine due to weather.
  • Understand that extreme weather conditions might cause slight delays in our service schedule.
  • Ensure your pets are indoors during our service visit to avoid any discomfort in the cold.
  • Notify us promptly of any changes or specific instructions related to snowy conditions.
  • We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during challenging weather for seamless waste removal services.
  • We only can get what we can see this doesn’t mean we won’t pick it up. When there is snow on the ground that covers up the poop it adds more time to the service once it melts. We want to do a thorough job in each yard.

Get started with weekly dog poop pick up for just $15.50 a week.

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We can also help you get the proper snow removal in Michigan if its needed for your property. There are snow removal services available in North Oakland Michigan. It helps to have a plowed driveway for us to get to the backyard in a safe and timely fashion.

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