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Fixing Dog Pee Damage in Michigan

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Fixing dog pee damage to your lawn care be a challenge but with some patience and the right approach you can improve the health and appearance of your lawn. Dog pee contains nitrogen which causes brown spots or burn spots in your lawn. We have some tips to prevent dog pee damage and repair.

Fixing your lawn with dog pee damage

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Water the area – Immediately after the dog pees water the affected area thoroughly. This helps dilute the nitrogen in the pee, reducing the risk of burning grass.

Train your dog – Try training your dog to pee in a designated part of the yard. Such as a specific patch of gravel or artificial turf. This will help minimize the damage to your main lawn.

Choose dog-friendly grass – If you’re planning on reseeding your lawn choose varieties that are going to be more resistant to pee damage. Grass-like Kentucky blue and ryegrass tend to be more tolerant to urine.

Apply gypsum – Gypsum can help neutralize the effects of dog urine. You should apply the gypsum as the manufacturer suggests. It can help improve soil quality and reduce damage.

Repair the dead spots – Remove the grass from the dead spots and soil about 1-2 inches. Replace it with new soil, seed, or sod in that area. Water the grass regularly to encourage new growth.

You can use lawn repair products

Used lawn repair products – Use various lawn repair products that are available specifically for urine damage. These products contain seeds, soil, and fertilizer to rejuvenate your lawn.

Fertilize and maintain your lawn properly – Maintain a regular fertilization schedule for your lawn but don’t over-fertilize. Have a balanced lawn care routine with proper watering, mowing, and aeration.

Consider other options – If the issue continues you may want to consider creating a dog run or an area of the lawn where your dog can take care of his or her business. This will protect your main lawn from extra work and damage.

Take your dog out more – More frequent walks and bathroom breaks to encourage smaller less concentrated urinations.

Consult with a professional – If you’re struggling to repair the damage to your own yard consider consulting with a lawn care professional in Michigan or Florida or even a veterinarian for additional guidance.

Stay on top of repairing your lawn with dog pee

Remember that fixing dog pee in your yard may take some time so be patient and stay consistent with your efforts. Regular lawn care in Michigan is the key to maintaining a healthy lawn that’s also attractive in spite of the dog urine damage.

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