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Benefits of Dog Walking

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Rather be your first time, becoming a pet parent or if you’re still deciding on becoming one, there are some things you should learn for taking care of your pet. any kind of pet it’s just like a kid they need love and attention.

Benefits of a dog

Some dog owners just think of a dog as a sense of protection they bark at strangers and they use their dogs for their own benefits. Dogs can also chase away strangers or become stress relievers.

there are tons of reasons to own a dog, and there are many rewards that come with having a pet or a dog but let’s talk about what it actually means to be a pet owner.

Being a pet owner doesn’t mean just feeding the dog and make sure that it has water but it’s also taking care of it while being such as grooming at making sure that it’s in good health and overall wellness.

There could be a downside to owning pets

there are some downsides to having a dog or pet in general such as they pee everywhere and they can poop everywhere. You should try to train them to poop outside so you don’t have so many messes to clean up inside. you have to be patient to be a dog owner.

dog walking

Exercise your dog daily dog walking

Your dog needs exercise so thinking that you can put them out on a chain outside and leave them alone as a barge. No, no. As a dog owner should be spending a couple times a week walking or jogging with your dog they need exercise just like a human word.

if you can commit to a schedule to take care of your dog weekly even though you are busy, owning a dog might be a great idea.

Well, exercise dog is a happy dog. The best exercise that you can do with your dog is to walk together. There are multiple benefits for you and your dog if you walk several times a week.

Young dogs need about a half hour to an hour of exercise daily. But it all depends on the type of breed of dog that you may have a large, active dog may need more exercise a hunting dog may need more exercise, and being outside.

Research the breed of dog you want before you go out and get one 

You should do your research on the breed of dog do you want to get so that you know exactly what they’re temperament is and excerise needs are. 

If you are currently not a walker, be prepared to take multiple walks several times a day you may even need to stretch to make sure that you can keep up with your dog. Not stretching can be bad for the body if you’re taking long walks. 

make sure that your dog is vaccinated

Make sure that you have proper vaccines or neuter your dog if need be. Doing this will protect you and your dog or other pets.

In some neighborhoods, it is by law that you have to keep your dog or pets on a leash most common you need, at least a 4 foot leash to keep your dog from running away when you are walking or playing outside you can also get a six foot leash too. You’re doing this to keep control of your dog and not to disturb other neighbors in the neighborhood.

Early morning or late afternoon could be the best time to go walking with your dog at times, you may want to make sure that the temperature is best for your dog. Maybe cooler nights may be more conducive to walk. You don’t want to make either your dog or yourself dehydrated and tired.

When you are walking your dog, you should always carry water just in case you or your dog gets thirsty.

Clean up the poop from your dog

When you are walking, it is inevitable that your dog is going to Pee or poop in peoples yards and it is best that you bring bags to clean up your area. Dogs like to go to the bathroom while walking but there are some times that Dogs will go to the when you are walking, it is inevitable that your dog is going to P or poop in peoples yards and it is best that you bring bags to clean up your area. Dogs like to go to the bathroom while walking but there are sometimes that dogs will go poop before your walk. It’s all part of taking care of your dog. If you are dealing with the busy schedule, you can hire a dog walking service or even a pet waste removal service near you and areas of Lake Orion Michigan, Oxford Michigan, Clarkston Michigan, Harrison Twp Michigan, and Utica Michigan.

There are multiple health benefits to a half hour of dog walking

you can get rid of unwanted fat on your body or even tone you body just walking. It also helps to reduce the risk of many diseases so take a half hour and go walking with your dog.

Walking with your dog, also create a stronger relationship and training exercises so that your dog can get to know you and you can get to know your dog. Remember what your dog when you get back from your walk with belly rubs, kisses, or treats.

you can solve annoying behaviors from your dog or pads by just wearing them out. They will get tired and want to lay down. Dogs actually become well mannered when they are played with an exercise outside.

A walk daily will also socialize your dog. Your dog will become more friendly and approachable by other dog walkers, or people in general. It’s also a great way to get your dog meeting other animals and interacting in a healthy way

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