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Five Outdoor Projects That Pay Off The Most in Michigan

Are you currently looking for better landscaping in Michigan? Get help with your curb appeal by calling 248-458-4974.

Do you want to know what pays off the most when it comes to curb appeal 92% of realtors recommend that sellers improve the curb appeal before listing their homes for sale in Michigan what pays off most when it comes to curb appeal of cost each project is different but here’s the estimated recovery on the outdoor remodeling projects that you may want to look into if you’re looking to put your house up for sale. 

Hiring a lawn care service in Michigan

outdoor projects

Having a standard lawn care service is beneficial complete six standard seasonal applications of fertilizer a weed control on a 5000 square-foot lawn. You could be looking to spend about $415 landscape maintenance mulching mowing or pruning shrubs and plants annually the cost to do this would be about $4800 and .

Installing a outdoor kitchen

installing a outdoor kitchen inserting a Grill stainless steel drawers, ice chest and a concrete countertop with veneer masonry stone will run about $15,000

Enhancing your front walkway

installing a front walkway with flag stone and two stone planters and 15 foot tall trees could estimate about $9000 depending on what you need or want homeowners also 

installing a concrete paver patio for your backyard?

looking to installing a backyard 18 x 16‘ concrete paver patio to enhance their backyard

Oh, if you are currently looking for a Michigan area landscaper, we have landscapers all over the state of Michigan to help out with your landscaping needs.

Clean up your yard before landscaping

Not to mention before your landscapers come And you’re a pet owner it may be beneficial for you to clean up the poop around your yard so that landscapers can do a thorough job of installing what they need and not have to deal with dog poop. You can hire a pet waste removal service and areas of Clarkston, Lake Orion, Oxford, Washington Township, Madison Heights, Utica, and Bloomfield Hills.

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